ENTJ in Houston?


Would be great to meet other like minded peeps here in HOU.

I am about to graduate with my business degree with a core concentration in Project Management. I'm excited! I can't believe there are only 1.5% of female ENTJ's out there! Funny. Yet, not that surprising considering my walk and view of life!


Ok - now its really time to do this.

We've had a thread going for a while proposing a physical meetup (http://entjforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=122&sid=17a7de505ba4f8b21c7fd6b9fa4cf886), and since there seem to be a few of us in Houston/ TX, here goes:

Lets do it! How about next Thursday evening (March 25th) at 8 pm?

Possible venues:

  • Champps (Galleria/ Uptown)
  • Zake Lounge (Near Rice University)
  • Starbucks @ Westheimer and Post Oak Blvd
  • Empire Cafe (Montrose)

I'll be there, and will bring a couple folks with me (2 INTPs, one ENTP.. sorry, don't really know any ENTJs locally - which is why we should do this!).

Going to cross-post this on the other thread, and might private message a couple Houston posters that voiced interest earlier. Any suggestions/ comments welcome.


Hey there. I'm good for Thursday!

I vote:

Starbucks on Westheimer

Will add in:
Cafe Brasil (Montrose)
Antidote Cafe (The Heights). I haven't been to Empire.. but have heard about it. Or, Central Market on Westheimer??!

Let me know. Sounds like fun!!



Thanks for the RSVPs everybody! We are all confirmed for 4 pm Saturday. So far, we expect between 5 and 8 people, with 6 as the most likely number.

Interestingly, pretty much everybody lives and/or works in/ around the Galleria. So picking a venue should be easy.

I don't really drink coffee, so any coffeeshop is exotic to me. Antidote Cafe sounds fun, especially since I haven't really explored the Heights much, and I'm curious. Any other suggestions, or preferences?


I'm looking forward to it! Should be intriguing~


Would've liked to be in on this, but I'm right in the middle of Moving/New Job chaos for the next few weeks at least.

Though, after that, I won't be in the area anymore, so... Yeah.


Yeah, would have been good to meet you. Good luck with the move, and meanwhile we'll work on making this a multi-local/global/intergalactic/ universal phenomenon, so next time you can make it no matter where you are. :wink:



Hey guys,

So we finally had our first meetup - it was in Houston, and ssjuliana, Liz1010 (+ her friend), Nick, TX-Owl and I showed up. Even though Liz and her friend had to leave fairly early, it was great to meet everyone, and hanging out later with ssjuliana, Nick and TX-Owl was a lot of fun. It was funny to see how many little (and big) things we had in common as ENTJs and NTs in general.

Look forward to doing it again - I know very few ENTJs in Houston, and am always up for hanging out.


I second that! It was great to meet up with the group. I enjoyed listening to the variations of thought processes as well as the like minded situations and experiences we share.

I am looking forward to the next meeting. Hope to see you all then.

Have a great one!


This was years ago before I think I even knew I was an ENTJ. :frowning: Would love to redo this? I started a meetup group just for that here in Houston. Please join and share! https://www.meetup.com/ENTJ-Meetup-Group/