So happy to have found this forum, been feeling somewhat isolated. Interested in chatting with like-‘minded’ men and women that can keep up :wink: Anyone a SL fan?


A leonine ENTJ female sounds a bit intimidating. But it must be cool to be such a powerful combo of types. Does it consciously make you feel more powerful and is that the feeling that makes you a bit isolated - like what they say, it’s lonely at the top?


I am an ENTJ, a Leo, and a female. We are a force to be reckoned with. :ugeek:


But probably the best blowjobs on earth, amIright?


Hmmm …

I am Leo ENTJ Male …

My best friend is a Leo ENTJ . In many ways she had the regal traits of the Leonine nature . She hates my guts though, I confess :smiley: … despite our friendship … Probably because of the same personality type.

My observations on her .( unbiased observations ) …

  1. She is excellent in directing and leading people . She would make it pretty clear if things weren’t going as per plans.

  2. Most people lead for the sake of leading and for the power factor … but for her it was a very natural thing .

  3. She was magnanimous to a fault … Someone once asked her for a favor and despite not having any access to it … she managed to get it done … without availing any rewards or benefits . ( She had some help with a certain leo guy there … but hey this post is about her.)

  4. HEr sense of conviction was awesome . Barely see any guys / gals standing for it these days.

  5. Best thing was she was pretty protective of those she was involved with … Sometimes even taking up blame just coz she felt that the other person could not handle it . Something I did not agree on sometimes as that would merely make the other person weaker.

  6. Ohh!! And she would absolutely try to court disaster … and most of the times … the disasters did have a tendency to become better things.

  7. Her temper’s pretty volatile yet of the Short variety . Not of the spite type of variety .

  8. Sense of practical optimism is amazing.

Doomed … I don’t think so … from what little I know … I think Leonine ENTJ would go places with a few checks in place.

They are like powered up Rockets ready t blast-off . Sadly every rocket needs a good Guiding GPS system …

Best Wishes … and hope this helped assuage some of your concerns !!! :slight_smile:


If you’re doomed, then I must be, too.

Female. ENTJ. Aries. Snake.


Check this out! Three days with one nite’s sleep this is where I am at right now:

I’m not done with it yet, but it turns out that my ideal match is also an ENTJ: She’s an Aries Snake; An INFJ and ENTP in one package. I think our personality types are just east/west zodiac combined.

I have tons of evidence but am not ready to drop it yet.

But basically I was sexually neglected my whole life while all the girls screwed everyone… and now I am growing moobs and will have to get surgery PLUS testosterone shots if I have them much long… well… It got me to cry my but off and do some research.

Want to know about my life: Check out the last 2 months on my FB Wall.

Want my evidence on this subject?: Check out this forum later.


Just feel like bouncing crap.

oocities.org/thecookreport20 … ragon.html
oocities.org/thecookreport20 … snake.html

astrolocherry.com/post/570931395 … lity-types
astrolocherry.com/post/570931395 … lity-types

Catch my drift? Ask me for links. Or just questions.

I am working on Libra - Now. Maybe I can make a Libra a better match than it says?

Why or why not?


I ask because there are a few animals combos that weren’t listed as options for one, but were the top one for the other.

Just as there are questions about Western Zodiac and MBTI.

I wouldn’t have known the first if I didn’t check 75% of them on my list, or the latter if I didn’t cross check.


Hi! I’m also an ENTJ Leo female. However I don’t really identify with my Western zodiac sign… I usually go with my Chinese one, which is snake.