ENTJ Looking for Something Fun to Do


So, I am an ENTJ. For years I have tried to find out what I enjoy doing in my free time. I am a music teacher so I have the summer and a few week-long breaks off so I get especially bored during those times. I have tried getting a summer job but those are all menial and not the challenge I need. I read but things often trail off and I lose interest if they don’t move fast enough. I think the last few books that I absolutely ate up and couldn’t put down were The Omnivore’s Dillema, The God Delusion, and Teaching with Love and Logic, but those were over a year or more ago. Books like those written by Malcolm Gladwell or Oliver Sacks don’t appeal to me. Housework drives me nuts, though I’m getting better at it (weeds are on the docket for this summer). I have tried video games but often they either don’t move fast enough or they are uninteresting (Half-Life 2 and Knights of the Old Republic were good but the replay-ability of them was quite low). What I have found I really like doing is table-top RPG’s but I have to have a group to play them and they often don’t meet often enough or the people I get to play are unfocused and unorganized so end up sitting around waiting my turn too often.

I also mentioned that I’m a music teacher, so obviously I play an instrument. I play trumpet and I like doing that, but all the groups I find to join have me playing the same part as two or more other people…the exact same part. I don’t feel like I contribute as an individual and I can’t find anyone to create a smaller, more part-independent group, to play/perform with.

I just took the StrengthsFinder 2.0 last night and came up with:

I’m wondering what everyone else does for fun. Any ideas are welcome, especially those that keep up with my fast-moving mind.


Reading this book may change your perspective:

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

I know it may seem an odd choice to answer your question, but it will make more sense if you take a leap of faith and read it. It explains, among other things, why boredom exists and how to banish boredom forever.