ENTJ male, in love with ENTJ female




Oh yes, the blissful misery of being an ENTJ woman attracted to the same in men. I HATE being the dominant partner. But when it gets down to controlling me, that’s another issue. That tango has it’s pleasure–as Apache dancers-- otherwise it just doesn’t work. My most recent ex said-- or screamed, “I hate it when you are right”. Well, I’m a softer ENTJ, just more pragmatic than egotistical.


That ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS amazing!!! I never met ANYONE in my life who’s an ENTJ.

But you are even dating one??? Wow!!! I’ve always dreamed of doing that but that’s one out of Billion chance!

You should keep it up! Perfectionist marrying a perfectionist? How much better can that be??? :sunglasses: :violin:


That’s more like 1 out of 50, to be exact.


I recently had an encounter with an ENTJ male, and it was like meeting me, but as a guy. Absolutely riveting and illuminating; very mentally attractive. It was almost like I wanted to grab his hands and express with joy that now, together, we can take over the city. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS had a weakness for those stoic Guardian types- like weak-in-the-knees- commit- petty- theft- for-you adoration; but now I am going to hunt the world over for male ENTJs. No doubt


im just curious to know if ENTJ’s meat is good to taste. delicious??? :wink: i should take 1 then! just to know for sure, i guess. :mrgreen:




wow, she is super hot :mrgreen: . But i think i have a much more gentle look ( more feminine) than that.
Wasabi: the bleedig head the girl is taking on her hand, i guess.


Yes she’s super hot.

If that was my head, would you taste it just like you’ve mentioned above?

PS: I realize this is a dirty joke, but for some reason I couldn’t keep myself from making it. It’s ok if you wont reply to it.


They r the stilt mode type. Very radiant, but furtive on the emotional side.


Am I the only ENTJ in here reading this? I’m shocked by your over generalization of an ENTJ female. We can excel in anything we put our mind into and make absolutely wonderful mother’s and wife’s so long as we have a balanced partner who allows us to be authentic. In the States we are also able to balance both, no need to pick one or the other.

I have 3 biological children, 2 step children. All A students and I make a living at over 200-300k yearly. I do this while having a very happy husband and family life.

Seems you met a non evolved ENTJ female, or the abortion possibly wasn’t only for her schooling. Something else didn’t work with her plan.