ENTJ meet up?


I would just like to lay eyes on another ENTJ- what would it hurt- would we all kill each other? Seriously folks? seems like the only guy that could handle me might be another ENTJ- anyone dated one of our kind?


You know what - I’d be up for a meet up. Its been a couple years since the last time, which was quite interesting. I’m in Houston too, so let me know if you’re interested, and anybody else is welcome too, of course.

PS Haven’t dated an ENTJ, but went on a date with an ENTJ once and dated an INTJ for a while. Didn’t work out, but it was pretty cool to find someone that ‘got it’ much of the time. Personality trumps temperament though, in my opinion.


Can you describe the last meet up? I’m really curious as to how it went.


It was a while ago, 2 INTPs, 3 ENTJs. It was pretty cool, I thought, because everybody got along very easily and there wasn’t really any awkwardness. One person couldn’t stay too long, but she and I met up again a couple times later, which was also cool. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised to see how down to earth ENTJ women are, and that they have a lot of common sense. :wink: It was fun, but I got too wrapped up in other stuff to try and organize another one of these things… but since then I’ve discovered that someone else I already knew was an ENTJ, and we have gotten to be close friends since. It just seems a lot easier to relate, very relaxing interaction because I can just be myself without having to keep explaining myself.

Again - if anyone is up for something in Houston/ CA let me know, I’m interested.


I presume this is meant well. But I think makes me wonder. Isn’t this to be expected of women ENTJs too not just the men? I would imagine that this would be true regardless of gender. I do think that there are gender differences and it also makes a difference who is the is perceiving and being perceived, but I don’t think it applies in this case. I am surprised that you are surprised.


You make an excellent point. I should have mentioned that the 2 ENTJs who showed up were women, I didn’t personally know any male ENTJs at the time (had suspected one colleague was, but he turned out to be INTJ. And since he was older, I had higher expectations from him anyway).


I’m up for meeting- what’s next?!I’m in the Houston galleria area


Nice, I’m in the Galleria area too. Not sure how many forum lurkers are in Houston, I hope they reply to this thread. I’ll PM details for suggested times and venue.


Randomly stumbled on this forum and I happen to be an ENTJ from Houston too. I would be interested in a meetup.


I would appreciate if you could put some comma or period on your post. :doh:


That’s a whole lot of people form Houston LOL
Pheraps those views are actually legit and not just BING google scouting around.


And I would appreciate if you understood the difference between “on” and “in” and the concept of “more” and that Latin uses “io” not “!”, but hey as long as we all conform to the same template we can just ignore the contents and syntax right?

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Now skipping past the heckler back on topic with “ENTJ meet up”, will there be doughnuts and can I have pics? I don’t want to see any pics of you though just the doughnuts, mmm my precious…