ENTJ meetup come join :)


Hi fellow ENTJs,

I want to invite anyone who is in the Houston Texas or surrounding area to join a meetup group (I just created today) for linking up with other ENTJs and doing things we like to do building up a tribe. We are powerful creatures and if we come together I can’t fathom what can be created. We were created to move mountains and move mountains we shall. Even if you don’t live in the Houston area but you may visit at some point in the future, feel free to join so when you are in town you will get notifications of events. If you decide to start a meetup group for ENTJs in your city please let me know. I travel and will probably be in your city eventually (if I haven’t already been) so I would love to join as well. Thank you. https://www.meetup.com/ENTJ-Meetup-Group/


What a fantastic idea. A pity I don’t live in the US.