ENTJ women become successful "Domestic Goddess "


Has any ENTJ female been successful as a Domestic Goddess, I would love to hear your feedback.

l have had a corporate career and am now tired of making money for idiots…

1> What age?
2> What you did (children)
3> Did you succeed and if not why not
4> At what stage did you start climbing the walls

:smiley: Cheers in advance


This is a very interesting topic. Before I only knew my own desires, needs, and ambitons I assumed Entj women were stereotypical career women without desire for family lives. I of course assumed I was the exception to the rule. :wink: Now that I have become more aware of other Entj women I have found that to be far from the truth. The woman at my office with the most kids (5 with a 6th on the way) is Entj. She LOVES kids and is completely sane. I once asked her how she did it all, and she joked that she has been telling her husband for some time now that they need to get a wife. I think the Entj descriptions and assumptions leave people thinking that Entj women would be poor nurturers and neglectful to children. But from what I have seen, it is the exact opposite. In my opinion, they are the ones that are best at the job. I know two Entj women in their late 40’s who have raised great kids. One of them is working on her Masters at the same school I am, works, and manages to cook for her high school kids every night. I know one other Entj female my age and her only ambition in life is to be a great mother and wife; she wants to be the stay at home mom and be involved in all her kids activities. She has been to college and will never be in the position where she can’t provide, but her greatest desire is for her family. She also wants 5 kids and cooks more than any of my other friends. She cooks for her boyfriend almost every night.

I want to stay at home for years after I first have kids, but I’m not sure how long exactly. I think that’s something I will have to gauge once I have them. One thing about Entj women is that we are the ultimate multitaskers. I always have to be busy with something. So if I ONLY stayed at home and didn’t touch anything else, my house would be ridiculously immaculate, I would experiment every night with gourmet meals, my kids would probably be reading at 1, I’d have time to plan romantic evenings… and oh the possibilities. Even then I would probably have spare time and have to create something else for me to do.

So can Entj women be Domestic Goddesses? The name was probably invented because of us. :laughing:


:laughing: I totally agree.

Although most of my ENTJ female friends don’t even know how to cook. I think it’s important to note that our type isn’t limited to one sphere of profession only. We can dominate all arenas.


This is a super cool thread. Don’t know too many women who think this way, but sounds like they exist. :smiley:



This is very encouraging so far, thankyou !

What l really wonder about is the time factor… How long before you become a chef and domestic queen with children before the boredom kicks in… and mind start moving back towards business… Maybe thinking of what you could have achieved…

Once everything is organized, you become a master chef and the children are inline…

Is it just me or do all ENTJ women have a restless spirit…


They could not help but turn into domestic goddesses! They would find a way to build a home business or a dream home…sort of along the lines of Martha Stewart. They would throw parties (projects), make home improvements, balance the budget and become gourmet cooks for the challenge of it. The house would reflect order and the family would have to do socially acceptable things together.


The prospect excites me. dominating both domestic and professional parts of my life would be an exciting feat to accomplish, and it wouldn’t be hard either.
I’m still to young to say, but that is exactly what I plan on doing.
Being great at my job, and being great at my home : )


Here are my thoughts. I am a professionally successful mum of one daughter. My priorities are: 1) the child. She is an ExFJ. - Very different from myself. I am very careful to maintain a close emotional connection to her. Further I consider it my main task to help her develop her great emotional sensitivity. This is a big but very exciting challenge for INTJ me.
2) work. Intellectual stimulation away from home is a must. Although I do not think it necessarily has to be some form of paid work. 3) the household. I am trying to keep it together but I am too much of a dreamer to care too much about it. The mundane things can be left to cleaners and so on, and some things just do not happen. However, I think you ENTJ girls may have enough energy to accomplish a perfect household as well!


I am new to this blog, and I read some of the ENTJ Female dating posts, and then this domestic goddess post. I am not sure how ENTJ ladies are getting from point A to point B! I am in my mid twenties and am not interested in settling down with a relationship, yet I do see myself at 32 with a kid and would want that to be within a serious relationship.


Hi ItsaToughLife,
if you want to have it all - career and familiy - then I would say that the twenties should be career time. You want to get to a position in which you are comfortable before starting a family. Career headaches and small children do not go together.
There is no big rush to find the right guy yet. Make sure he is supportive - because you will need to delegate. It is not possible to do everything by oneself.


Thanks Heather, very helpful information and something to look forward to eventually. I wonder if there are any statistics as to where different personality types thrive?


I’m not sure if this is the case. If you are willing to be entrepreneurial, no part of your life is really critical for a career. Besides, it doesn’t seem to make sense to meet the right person and say, “Actually, this is the time for me to work on my career, please check back in 5 years” - i.e. there is no perfect time or even preferable time of your life when you fall in love and decide to spend your life with someone. It just happens when it happens - its hard enough to find the right fit, doesn’t make sense to walk away because the ‘timing’ is wrong. Or at least, thats my opinion.


Sure, if the right person shows up in one’s life one should definitely welcome a relationship.
To sacrifice a relationship for one’s career is not really what I meant above. I hope that for most people it should be possible to combine these things. - At least for me it was.

Children are a different story. Here you can choose the right moment to have them. They really do require a serious amount of time and effort from their parents. And I believe it makes life easier and more enjoyable when one has sufficient time for them and is not too caught up in other things. That is that the career is ticking along in the background or the business of entrepreneurs is running smoothly during that time.


Hmm… thankyou for many and varied responses it’s greatly appreciated.

Interesting on many accounts… :think:


Well, I planned to teach music as I could be a mum and work quite flexably doing that. Because of this, I had my kids in my twenties and early thirties and am now back at uni studying. My seven kids are totally awesome and because I was young when I had them we have more of our lives to share. We are all studying. We are all growing and loving our lives. If I waited til I was older to have them I would have missed out on so much! As an ENTJ life learner, my kids have certainly facilitated much growth in myself and each other. It’s fantastic! Life is fantastic.




Wow! Seven kids - very impressive!




Careers can come and go in the blink of an eye…build a family…at least they make it a reason to strive, to get up in the morning, even if the world is screwed up. They are the most important. Play the game at work, you can actually enjoy your work, but don’t think it will ever replace family.

I have done both and there is a reason for both…if you find yourself single with children, you will have a career and could take care of your family. Men, also, you should be able to take care of children. In this crazy world we never know what responsibilities we have to take on to survive.