ENTJ working as a paralegal before law school?


I am a 30-year-old female who just tested last year as an ENTJ. Discovering my type has been a real epiphany, as it has explained the endless frustrations I’ve had with other careers over the years (account management, administrative assistant and teacher are just a few). I currently run a small business with my husband, but we are wanting to make a change and I’ve always had an interest in law so I have been contemplating going to law school. However, I’m wary of jumping into such a pricey endeavor without experiencing the day to day of an attorney first hand. Since I do enjoy research and i would need to save for a couple of years for school anyway, I’m considering doing paralegal work. I was wondering if anyone had any insight to doing this type of job as an ENTJ, and if it would be a potentially good experience to peek into the law profession this way, or if it is not a fit with my temperament. Any thoughts or help are appreciated.


Great idea being a paralegal before jumping into law school, which these days especially is a bit of a question mark in terms of ROI unless one has a bit of a plan.

I deal with attorneys on a day to day basis, and would suggest that even as a paralegal, to seek out and ‘interview’ or take to lunch as many as possible, to better understand what they do, and where you think you might like to fit in. The law offers many different opportunities, including several specializations and super-specializations, so just working as paralegal at one firm may not offer as much breadth of exposure as you might desire in order to make a decision about your own vocation.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice, ComplexMango. I am still deliberating whether to go that path, to find something in the corporate world or to venture out on my own with a different business. It’s great to bounce this stuff off of other ENTJ’s though, since I know absolutely none in my real life.