ENTJForum has a Facebook page


Ok guys - ENTJForum now has a Facebook page.

Which brings up an interesting question: do you guys prefer being anonymous? What if this site was converted into a social networking type deal instead (and you could use your Facebook/ Yahoo/ Google logins - i.e. no need for a special signup)? Look forward to any feedback!


I'm willing to wager that us ENTJ's value our anonymity, especially when posting personal details. :slight_smile:
Maybe not though.


that is nice for facebook and this forum.
i will not use it tho.
on facebook i do not even accept friend requests.
don't get me wrong, we do still communicate using it.
but, because i can find just about anybody i've tried to, by looking at friends of their friends and so on, i don't want somebody doing the same and finding me.
that is why i agree with Futile ^.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I have mixed emotions about this point, because I also try to be proud of all my choices. Now if thats a successful effort, does privacy matter? At the same time, I realize that the forum contains a lot of personal revelations about what is going on in our heads, and you all might prefer keeping it anonymous.

Lets flip the situation: are there any other amenities etc. that might be of interest to you guys? I keep wrestling with the thought of making the whole site a social network.


Why not all of the above...people can have a choice. The anonymity of this forum works well and sometimes the sex of the person speaking can't be distinguished, which can be a good thing as then there are no preconceived notions regarding the reply.