ENTJs and Liberty


I've found (through my own polling and studying research of others) that the "NT" personality types are more likely to be libertarian and less likely to be big-government democrats than most other types.

Here is probably one of the best resources on the net for comparing personality types to political preference, except that it doesn't distinguish between libertarian and independent. However, this may be beneficial because I'm sure there are many independents who would identify with libertarianism if they knew more about it:

One of the key terms democrats bring up when talking about the successful is "fortunate" and I've met many who think raising taxes is justified because success comes from luck. There is a concept behind this called the "Locus of Control" theory. Basically it suggests people believe that their fate is controlled by free will versus luck to varying extents. You can test yourself on it here:

My result was overwhelming in favor of free will, which goes hand-in-hand with libertarianism.

Remember, the communist looks at the wealthy man with the big house and garage full of cars and says "nobody should have so much" while the capitalist looks at the same man and says "everybody should have so much!"


Liked the test. Same result as you. Libertarian here though so its not surprising.


Figure one of my other projects might play well to this crowd: CorruptionDatabase.com. I set this up a couple months ago, and took it up again last week to push forward.

Its an online wiki of political corruption - I figure it can make an impact during election cycles by eventually becoming an online resource for maximizing transparency in politics. Hopefully it will shame some folks into been less corrupt, or at least less egregiously corrupt.

Any feedback is welcome. Any volunteering is especially welcome. I know its got mostly US politicians on it, but there is no reason to limit it. So far its been a one man show; I picked up one volunteer last week, hoping for some more help soon. I think, in a few months, it could have a life of its own. In any case, should be fun!


I am assuming Libertarian in the sense of freedom loving and independent.


The communist looks at the wealthy man and says “everybody should have so much”, the capitalist looks at the wealthy man and says “nobody but should have so much, well, except for me”.


I’m a moderate/centrist.

I believe we need to protect the interests of the citizens and provide as many freedoms as possible, while maintaining a fiscally conservative balance sheet.

I don’t trust giving too much power to the government, but at the same time, I’m not a fan of the private industry, especially in cases where free market principles are broken (cell phone companies, cable companies, health insurance industry, etc). But I understand that these are necessary evils and need to be in a balance.

With that said, I don’t agree with either the Democratic or Republican party, but I have been tending to side with the Democrats on most issues recently. I think the GOP has really gone haywire over the last decade and lost touch with their more constitutionally conservative roots.

And let’s just leave it at that, please. I could go on for a really, really long time talking politics and economics and would prefer not to waste the time lol.