ENTJs exception at a Big Management Consultancy Firm


I’ve worked (as external staff but for almost a year) for a big american consultancy firm whose culture is notoriously ENTJ, at their US+NorthEU offices.

There is one character trait I didn’t expect from ALL ENTJ type I’ve met.
I expected ENTJs to be always dressed impeccably, somehow “posh”, “ivy league”, somehow “elitist”.
I expected the to be the OPPOSITE of being humble.

What I found out is that these guys are completely CASUAL, couldnt care LESS about their “style”.
Especially OUT OF THE JOB, where they didnt have to wear their black suits.
That shocked me. Seeing them in sneakers and shorts was not what I expected.
I expected more an “IVY LEAGUE” style, you know what I mean.

And their “family time” habits really struck me a lot.
They couldnt care less to go to a posh reastaurant or an expensive luxury shop.
Nothing wrong with that, but I expected the opposite from an ENTJ.
Instead, their habits are all around children and sports, nothing fancy.

It’s kinda “I don’t give damn about my “social” reputation - so I don’t care about my clothes a lot”

Just to make another example, one of the top guys in this organization, ENTJ at his DNA, is always showing, under his black suit, a POLAR WATCH, because that tool is the watch he uses when he goes running every morning. He could afford the best Omega or TAG, but he just wears what is “functional”

And when they are called to describe their job, they are NOT the type who list you all their achievement, they are even HUMBLE in describing their job.

A real (recent) example: one of these guys at this consultancy firm few months ago left and landed a top job at a big manufacturer company. We were buddies on the weekends for sports reason and I happened to call him a few weeks ago. In describing his new position, that I knew to be a “C-level” one, he didn’t use any title, didn’t even described his (high) role, he just told me “we make refrigerators” - which is true, but it’s a really humble description of his present position at the company

This is another trait having to do with “I dont’ care about others approval” typical ENTJ or what?
Are these traits that you recognize in all ENTJs ?
I expected them to be much more elitist also in appearance and personal habits.


There are a variety of flavors of ENTJ based on their enneagram motivations. Look into it.

As for me, you’d find the typical ENTJ behavior. I like to dress well as a way to play with my avatar to the world. However, the strategic advantage of not showing up like that is the projection of humility, that I am just like you. Ego is something I wrestle with tremendously, and everytime I find myself a little too hostile, trying a little too hard, and not getting the desired result I slow it down, dress down a lot, try to purposefully be not perfect, and practice more humility in every action. Usually then I get back my focus, regain my balance, but find myself strangely at the polar end again to wrestle with my ego.



Most of the very successful people I know don’t really care about approval from other people. They will wear what they want and live according to their values and what is really important to them. They look normal in normal everyday clothes. A better indicator would be what car they drive (not everyone is into cars) and more so where they live.

Let me give you an example. One day I had lunch with 2 women. One came with a cartier watch and earrings in the appropriate fasionista jeans, jacket and top with shoes from Prada. The other came in unremarkable sneakers, jeans and blue tshirt. The unremarkable one was the heiress to large family fortune, the kind that would never have to work a day in her life, but strangely enough found a niche on eBay and was raking it in.

The ones in the great suit and dressed like they walked off the catalogue of Ralph Lauren with Rolex watch, LV handbag with matching wallet and ferragamo shoes only look like they are successful and wealthy. These wannabes want to be perceived as such. If they really understoodd the value of money, they would be putting what they spend on window dressing to better use, which will get them far better return on investment, which would build real wealth and not perceived wealth.

I mean seriously, if you really really want a cartier watch, you would buy an antique aumatic cartier watch from the 1930s, not one of these modern quartz models which will lose half its value as soon as you buy it. The antique model will be an investment piece and should hold its value and hopefully rise in price as the years go by depending on trend.

With that in mind, a polar watch totally makes sense right?


You have a misconception of ENTJs. You’re talking about ESFJs in which everything is always about appearances.

ENTJs may like well-made, expensive things, but they’re more subtle about it. If you think about it, ENTJs place value on long-term investments, and not some trend that may soon disappear.

As for Poodle Syndrome’s commentary about clothes, style is about context and personal taste, not necessarily about labels and brands. I’m sure only Tom Cruise could wear jeans and trainers to a major televised awards event, but most people, even ENTJs abide by dressing appropriately in context to a situation.


Fully agree with the last reply, as for ENTJs, stylish means their own style and do not like to show off!