ENTJ's in the female population?


I hope this is an acceptable place to put this - I wasn’t quite sure where my question fit.

The main page says that ENTJ’s comprise about 2% of the population. I’ve also seen that Thinking types occur less frequently among females than males, so I’m curious…do we know what percent of the female population is ENTJ?


What would knowing that is good for?


Does why I want to know have any bearing on whether someone is able to answer the question? That seem unnecessarily antagonistic.

I want to know because I am a woman, myself, and I want to know just how rare that combination is. It has an impact on how effectively I can communicate certain issues to the people close to me.

Like it or not, ENTJ tendencies are somewhat more accepted in men than in women. We women are “supposed” to be “nurturing” and emotional, but some of us obviously aren’t!


Pretty rare. Maybe 1% of female population.

I still do not think that has an impact on communicating the issues.