youtube.com/watch?v=upv5hkd6 … er&list=UL

Is this guys analysis good in your opinion?



Thats funny - I just saw this today too… maybe because of the other video you had posted that piqued my curiosity. Yes, I had a lot of time on my hands this weekend.

I largely agree with the characterization; and I have a great comparison point because my long-time business partner is an ENTP and we have had to find complementarities to work together.

Parts I agree with:

  • I definitely prefer systems, plans & delegation to my ENTP business partner, who much prefers trying new things, new ideas, brainstorming new business opportunities
  • I definitely think/reason aloud, compared to the ENTP who vocalizes his ideas, rather than the way he came up with them or his reasoning
  • Yes, I hide my emotions way more than he does. He can joke around with our team much easier than I can.
  • ENTP is definitely superior at introverted sensing. Construction project details bore me to tears, wheras team organization, delegation, system building etc glazes his eyes.

Parts I disagree with:

  • Hitler wan’t ENTJ, probably ENFJ (N Initiator who’s Fe - can you imagine an ENTJ thats as emotional? Or prone to weird mysticisms?)
  • Perhaps unexpectedly, I somewhat disagree with his description of problem solving (he says ENTPs are unequivocally better and implies they react faster). I find I can react significantly faster, and way more decisively, especially in high pressure situations, with an effective plan and personnel to follow the plan. He, on the other hand, is much better at situations that require creative solutions (especially when Si inputs are needed, or Fe outcomes are needed) and patience (I need to work harder on my patience, though its improved with age).


After listening to his I finally understood why my ENTP son took so long in answering me when we worked together. I am thinking out loud and he is Ti. Once he saw the clip he said that is why many times he finds himself saying “shutup and let me think!”

On the INFJ INFP clip my daughter (INFJ) said she now understands why her husband (INFP) usually win their discussions.


PS thanks for your analysis and I think you are right about where he was wrong.


Thanks for posting the link, Roger - you always manage to find cool stuff. I still check out Pomplamoose’s channel every once in a while since you posted them (they even had an Angry Birds cover!).