ESTJ's, The bad Leaders


I noticed STJ’s are horrible, horrible narcistic and also retarded leaders(only noobs would work under them). not philantrophic at all. STJ’s fit as subbordinate middleman executives, with an N_ up their arse for ‘‘cocksucking club admin style extreme’’ control.

Then they come to me in diplomatic fuzzy-idealist style (Bs meter of the charts) for my analyst help, I used this INTJ reply :smiley: ''Your punny offers do not interest me. Take your wares and go elsewhere or try much harder. ‘’ Not INTJ

All in all, the only reason that I could ever give to their existence is they can probably prefer boring tasks better then ENTJ’s. They would have a ‘‘1’’ potential advantage then…

Yeah the ESTJ I me is probably very immature.
any bright storys with ESTJ’s ? :smiley: