Excellent advice from fellow ENTJ Steve Jobs


I have always found this to be true as well, and this is how I got started in business too:

Steve Jobs on Failure


I have been denied all the time.

The thing with Steve Jobs is that he was a lucky guy to be born and rise up in a place where everything was set right for him to prosper. That makes Steve Job a loser. Make no mistake, I love what Steve Jobs talks about. But Steve Jobs does not live in reality. And yes, people can get very rich that way too. But I don’t think money is the indicator of maturity.

He has some point though. Yes you should act. That doesn’t mean that you will not be denied though. You will. But you just should pick those people who will not deny you. And they are extremely rare. That rarity wasn’t the case for Steve Jobs. Because he was lucky.


Btw Steve Jobs appears like Ti user. Not Te user. He’s unsure about many things he talks about. That’s not an indication of Te.


He’s also a Fe user. His body posture is too fluidic for a Fi user. He keeps changing his posture too much. Shows too much emotion.

I think he’s an INTP.


He doesn’t look like an Ni user either.

He’s most probably an ENTP.


Bill Gates is definitely an Ne and Fi user. Probably also a Te dominant person.

He looks like an ESTJ. Or ISTJ.


Apparently he’s an INFJ.