I feel like while it is nice to have a forum that is focused on ENTJs, we are missing out on a lot of interactions/feedback with other types.

Perhaps it would be interesting to network this site with other personality type boards. I’m not saying create boards for them too, or to integrate with existing boards, but perhaps work out some sort advertisement deal (they’ll put a link to this ENTJ board if you put a link to their XXXX board).


preferably with NT forums first…


Good point. I’ve been working on some interesting stuff, stay tuned for an update/ discussion on the subject this weekend.


I’m going to point out something obvious, to me anyway. You’ll need non ENTJ’s to do the menial labor here.




Is self victimization a problem for the ENTJ?




However, evil can become addictive. And our intuition says something you do not do things like make Ough. Started getting into depression, soon to blame others for everything that happens to us, when in fact it is our mischief that allow our brain chemistry altered by computers. So our intuition comes and tries to save the day. We must listen. It saves us a lot of problems.