Experiences with INFJs


What have your experiences with INFJs been like? What do the characteristics of this type seem to be? What are their strengths(in your experience, not necessarily according to theory), and what are their weaknesses?


The INFJs I knew were all women. They are pretty easy to get along with and the ones I know are very hard working (more than me). They do amazingly well at school, even in Math, Chemistry or Physics.

I'm trying to think of weaknesses but I can't think of anything. Well, they can be easily offended sometimes. And if they're too introverted they can be pretty weird.

But all in all I think INFJs are great. They are on my list of types I would marry.


INFJs are on my list for best friends :smiley:
2 of my best friends are INFJs, and my brother is probably INFJ too :wink:


INFJs make very good friends, my best friend is INFJ, my brother's friend is an INFJ of whom's passion and dedication inspires me... my school personal tutor of 5 years was an INFJ - very hard-working, honest as can be and supportive (though once he's angry, he has a tendency of swallowing everyone up and not just the object of cause of his anger)... my Uncle is an INFJ - loved his supervision as a kid, but he is in a confused state nowadays.

I've noticed each of these INFJs, while similar, are very different - dependent on other variables of course. One thing I like about them is that they don't wish to get too 'involved' in people's shit but are still willing to get 'involved' in order to support a good cause. I feel that they require a decent level of patience off others so as to be understood - but I wouldn't get overly patient! :mrgreen:

They're always up for an open-minded discussion, great conversationalists as long as they're comfortable around you, have a warm presence and dedicated in their tasks, good humour and describe events really funnily - they're also keen on recalling events and experiences. Oh, and they're good listeners. They're just so different, and it's great!

The downside is that they won't admit to a fault/weakness so easily but have a way of covering this fact, sometimes layered with other named weaknesses such as "oh how i wish i was there for you, but due to 'so and so' i couldn't" as an attempt to justify some sort of action. I guess this is due to not verbalizing their deepest emotions quite easily. When they're on the negative end of their mood they will be comprised of the very attributes they dislike in other people. I also think that they can be very selective in certain cases. What's more is that when their line of reasoning is disproven, they will not accept it with the premise that their 'ideas and values' are good...they want to be reasoning in a debate, it seems, that how good or bad ideas are and 'why'. Consequently they can be dismissive of other's P.O.V especially if those 'others' present heavy criticism. Generally INFJs are friendly, and as per their Ne they can foresee what sorts of behaviour and modes of action can affect people.

In general, they make very good friends for me. I value them a great deal...I don't think I'd marry one though - then again, I don't think I know what kind I'd wanna marry! :mrgreen:




Agreed! i have noticed that. happens from INFJs much more than any other type.


Okay so I have a lot to say about INFJ’s

First of all I know 3 personally and WOW


So for all three of them, they made me experience feelings of attraction like non other. Non of them were exactly 10/10 model attractive physically. But their reactions to the environments and sarcastic tones of voice were absolutely beautiful. They also seemed to have the ability to listen to everything I said which I found irresistible. And their opinions on how the world should work made me thinking of them as “wifey” within minutes. As far as all personalities go I would say the quickest connections I’ve ever felt with people have been from INFJ. It’s honestly almost magical HAHAHHA I sound like an enfp. But seriously outspoken women that still hold a sense of modesty are so unique. On top of that every single one of them was WEIRD like if we had a “retard competition” they would win just by being themselves.

Well eventually their listening skills did not suffice, and overall I realized their self righteous outspokenness was just passive aggressive ranting which I could not tolerate. I think the initial appeal is only from finding someone who’s very unique, but overall I wouldn’t go for an infj, they’re very stubborn subconsciously/passive aggressively. Also they can’t express themselves so eventually it feels like your’re talking to a wall. INFJ are a no go. But they can make interesting crushes I guess LOL