F chips


I would like everyone that is an F of any type to have a chip implanted in them
and then let people like me have a chip reader built into their glasses or brain or something.
Then as the “F” approaches a big F would appear on the glasses lense reminding you to keep your mouth shut.

I many times feel like Brian Regan trying to catch the words as they are coming out of my mouth.



I second the motion. Mango, you on it yet? Haha


Heh - sign me up!


Umm, i wonder what is happening with you recently, as when i read your topics raised and your posts, i can imagine something wrong with you? due to so much stress? at work, or with so many Fs in your life?


The reason for so much stress in my life is because I drowning in a sea of F’s
One daughter and her husband
one son and his wife
One daughters fiance
No one should have to live aroung that many F’s



How exactly do feelers stress you?


Many of the people with which I am surrounded deal with any information that comes in with their feeling either first or second

2 young men are INFP Fi Ne Si Te
3 of my kids and spouses are INFJ Ni Fe Ti Se
My wife is an ISFP Fi Se Ni Te

I am and ENTJ Te Ni Se Fi

They all Feel first and think last
I Think first and Feel last

This is why I would like to have all F types have a chip implanted in them that would show up on a screen infront of me as I approach so I could remember to keep my mouth shut

If I have learned one thing with this MBTI it is that some types get their feeling hurt very easily. I can see it in their faces instantly.

So I have to apologize a lot