I only get on Facebook for a few minutes to see whos on chat, and mabey creep on my friends profiles. I see it as a waste of my time to read the news feed. Everyone just posts about their boring lives :unamused: How much time do you spend on Facebook?


I have no facebook account.

I have no respect towars those who has one. If you value your life, then you should make something that proves that value.


Are you saying that networking has no value?




Odd thing to say for an extrovert.


I use it occasionally for stalking people and promoting websites.


And ruining your life.

Goddamn it. I’m getting tired of repeatig that to you.


Facebook is now a HUGE marketing platform, as is Twitter. There’s no better way to find, capture and make announcements to your target audience. With my business, using FB yielded a TON of new customers = more money = better life.

Quite the opposite of ruining a life. What’s your issue with computers? Did you get a really bad goatsex virus on one or something? :confused:


Internet wasnt here 100 years ago and there were people who were extroverts. Is that odd enough?

I have always approached to internet markets very suspiciously. It sounds like disgusting job to try to attract customers using people personal spaces where they meet with their kids. And you try to market them some ass wipe. That’s really digusting. You may disagree, but that kind of thing annoys me. That why I avoid places such as facebook like a plague. Because every kind of looser tries to make a living on every drop of hat.


WTF are you talking about man?

Internet marketing is a multi-billion industry and it’s one of the most efficient ways of marketing.

Someone googles “baby names”, comes to a website about baby names and Google serves related adsense ads cause they know people who search for “baby names” are usually expecting a child. So they serve ads for pregnant women, ads for buying baby stuff and so on.

That is so much more elegant than seeing a baby lotion commercial in the middle of an action movie.


Stop trying to rationalize your self deception. People were having babies and lotions long before internet was invented.

Get a life Ace.


You obviously didn’t understand a word I said. Psychopaths usually have either very low or very high intelligence. I guess you’re one of the dumber ones.


So they did their networking face to face.


Oh I understand everything you say. Even more. Even things that you don’t say. And you are not in position to weigh people intelligence. You are the dumbest person who cannot even take care of himself, how can you weight other’s intelligence? This cannot be something more than a mere joke.


So you have answered your own question. As you can see, people still can network without Facesh…t. Even more than that, they can actually have a life too.


So you admit that networking does have value. Then why did you say it doesnt?


Facesh.t networking has no value. Not every networking.


I use facebook to market products. It’s propaganda, you know it.

Have you guys ever seen the movie The Negotiator with Samuel L. Jackson? Do you guys remember the opening scene when he was holding a list of likes and dislikes about the man holding up the hostages? That’s what I do when I socialise with people. I will make a mental note of what are a person’s taboos and what their likes are. Facebook has made my socialising skills a bit lazier. I can easily look up a person’s likes. It’s not a bad idea to look into that before going on a date with because that provides you safe areas of conversations.

My personal assistant will take notes for me a person’s like/dislike before i meet with that individual for business. It’s effective communication. I have the high ground. What up.

It’s alot better than making a mistake and paying for it and being sad about it afterwards.


What kind of products?


Facebook is a social network service.Today i think Facebook is a world’s number one social site. 24hrs i connected with my collage friends on Facebook. Everyday i enjoy with my friends on facebook. Really i think that facebook is the best social site.I have 500 member in my facebook account.