None anymore, done with two faced social networks that say they exist to help you get in touch with your old friends, then they have every
annoyance possible to eat up all your time before you have the chance to interact with anybody like ‘likes’, suggestions, game requests, and
notifications to check. Then people loose interest in interacting in the real world because they already knew what everybody was doing by
getting online so there’s no need for small talk. I gave social networks the middle finger after the first of the year and deleted mine.



Good news for Wasabi, there are many countries that prohibit accessing facebook ( due to political issues?) can not comment anymore on this


I think you’re missing the point. FB is for the incomplete, insecure, immoral etc. it’s there to make you feel good about yourself, if you care/value, YOU ARE A LOSER. Nobody gives a shite about your moment to moment status except stalkers. Any person with brains would make an effort not to be exposed online. WEAK…


hey people! Coles notes on Facebook:
you DO NOT have to click the ads on the side. you CAN ignore them.
Yes, most people are fucking boring on Facebook. that’s cuz they are boring in real life too.