Favorite Pirates of the Caribbean Character


I’m not sure about you guys, but Lord Cutler Beckett is my favorite character from this series. My interest in the series almost ended with his death. Call me silly.
This guy is incredibly bitter, cruel, detached, calculated, and totally flawed. Yet, there is that haughty attitude (“I am the cat and you are the mouse”) that makes the character enticing and interesting to me in spite of this guys shortcomings; he is dangerous and amusing at the same time. I wish the writers gave him more leverage. He was an “okay” conspirator in the plot but I really wished for an outcome more sinister and cunning than he received…Really draw the depth of the hatred he had out even more. He dies pitifully and dramatically haha. Anyways, bored. Just recalled some clips from the movie. Any speculation on the personality type of this fictional character?
What about you? Who is your favorite character and why? The series doesn’t have a lot of depth to me but the first movie was an okay way to waste some time.


Never watched the movie (not even a single serie of it). The movie is way too low standard for me to watch. Stupid people playing game with death isn’t really my thing for a quality movie. The main character could pull a monkey out of his ass and I still wouldnt watch his movie.


For some reason, one of my favorite characters was the second hand mate of Jack Sparrow. The guy with the fun mutton chops…now that I think about it, that was probbably the reason why he was my favorite. WEll that and he seemed like the only person on the damn ship that could be trusted