Female INTP from London


Hi all,

As the title suggests I’m a female INTP living and working in London.

I’ve known a few ENTJs over the years and can see the similarities with INTPs in their approach and perspective of a situation. The main difference I see is the ENTJ’s willingness to make quick decisions and action them immediately. I take time to come to a conclusion and then like to investigate the most appropriate way forward. Of course there are pros and cons to both methods but I’d like to master both (how very INTP of me).


Any idea that is not supported by evidence from the outside world is worthless. We can’t understand the world that is outside of us by using our brains only.


I agree that ideas need to be supported by evidence to enable real-world practical application. However, the data and how we apply it to validate an idea, is wholly subjective. This means that each individual’s understanding of the outside is varied and different. so it’s not necessarily clear that “truth” or reality is.


I’m not sure what you mean with that. Data (or fact) is not subjective. The ignorance is. How you apply a known data is not subjective either. It wouldn’t be a data if it was subjective. Subjectiveness cannot produce data.

No it isn’t. The difference between people happens due to various degree of ignorance. Not because their understanding of the given fact is different.

All our information is relative. We can establish the “truth” of “relationship” of things with each other. That is all what science is.

Nobody knows what THE TRUTH is. I don’t even think that it’s possible.