Female ISTP here


Hey everyone, I’m looking forward to posting here and getting to know ENTJ’s!

I tend to encounter many INTJ’s in real life but I don’t think I’ve met any ENTJ’s.

A bit about myself… I’m a painter, I paint houses and buildings. Sometimes I work at my dad’s friend’s comic store too.

I’m big in to working out, hiking mountains, badminton, computers, and video games. I’m a closet nerd too and enjoy cosplaying.

So yeah, again, looking forward to posting here and getting to know others!

I will probably be making a thread later on regarding how to help a disabled person find ways to make money to support themselves. I need help brainstorming. I can say things like, oh you can watch people’s dogs and walk them while they’re away, pet sitting and stuff, but there has to be more to do than that… One of my best friends is on disability but it isn’t really enough for her to survive on, and I know if she works a job and makes a certain amount, the benefits will get revoked.


Hey, I read about your project. If you want to help, think of these:

-what are the abilities of that person? what are his/her passions? can they become good at whatever they can do?

-does that person share the same goals as you?

-can and does that person WANT to work?

-does that person WANT to learn new abilities? (It usually takes 2-4 hours per day of practice for most people.)

-have you already googled “jobs for disabled people in [country]” and “government jobs for disabled people” and tried to find something?

-if none of these help, are you willing (patience, perseverance, stubbornness) to use your abilities, learn new ones and become an expert in your field and promote your image so others know about you? This will guarantee money, in the future, both for you and for people close to you. Form healthy habits (you already have some), always assume responsibility for the current situation and don’t blame anybody else, seek long term goals and to constantly improve yourself, and even if you fail you’ll take the positive lesson out of it and try to optimize your results next time, take successful people in your domain as models, etc.


She wants to work with animals, but doesn’t want her disability revoked. Her passion is animals (she’s ISFP). She can make up to 1k before the benefits are revoked. She’s also pretty good at basic computer work. The thing is she isn’t good with strangers, she’d rather work at an office with familiar people. I told her she might want to get a case worker to help her find places she might be able to work that involve animals. The case worker would be able to help get her a position where she can earn some money, hopefully. Volunteering always helps too.

She can work, but in bursts of energy, she’s bipolar and would like to be in an environment with animals because they don’t stress her out when her moods are off. Some days are very difficult for her.


Maybe she can start a small business of taking care of other people’s pets when they’re in vacation if nothing else works (no state help, no private employment opportunity).