Fit or Flab?


So, just out of curiosity, how athletic are you? What kind of exercise do you enjoy?



I’m working on the ground whole day and ocassionally help with construction, so I wouldn’t call myself flab. And I’m not such a fit since what I do isnt always heavy.

I would say I’m average.

However I plan to do some other activities outside of my work. I’m such an adventurer.


It’s almost exactly 20 miles from home to work and I bike to work twice a week, so that’s 80 miles on a bike a week. Doesn’t feel like enough but biking every day can get bothersome! It takes me an hour to bike 20 miles; good pace. I usually run every day on top of that for up to 8 miles (but I’m not so lean because I don’t push myself hard enough, but I will soon) and I like to swim when convenient. It really SUCKS having a fucking 12 hour shift at the desk…But I don’t let it own me whatsoever; I hate it when people use work or kids as an excuse to not do something incredibly beneficial for themselves. My job actually pisses me off a lot because it isn’t challenging enough for me yet it’s beyond my control; so blowing off my anger on a bike is great. At least I have some control over that…I love running up mountains and over beaches. There’s some real addictive freedom in doing those things for yourself…Especially trail running; fucking addictive as shit. Flying through a forest of ever-changing surroundings and noises, small animals, smells… There isn’t really a lot of that in San Diego city, but there’s plenty in Alaska…


Maybe you should use Powered paragliding to get into work. I know some people do that to reach large distances. Just make sure that people know its you in your job. Otherwise they might shoot you down. Or rocket you done (LOL!).

I’m just kidding.


You metaphorically took the serious air of conversation I had instilled in this topic, and put it in a little hole in space with a giant clown face on it. >:( But that was funny :slight_smile: Unless I had a radio or some instrument to communicate with the guards, I think that is actually highly possible. (Not the rockets…) I would immediatly be suspected of being a suicide bomber :open_mouth:


Yep. Thats what I always do. Call it a production defect if you wish.

Or you could put a word under your wings: “I’m not a suicide bomber! Seriously!”


Work out a few times a week. Partly enjoyment, and partly to stay in shape. Just got off a vacation, and could use a good workout ASAP. Two weeks without the gym is leaving me feeling off.

I prefer classes at the gym, as they’re more mentally stimulating. I find working out with others makes it interesting, and also keeps me coming out. I wish I had some nice trails around me, and less humidity on top of that.


It’s nice to have something casual in common with someone here.
I’ve been needing a male competitive running partner. I still haven’t gotten involved with the triathlon club I signed up with…
I’ve been meaning to go skydiving too.


I stay pretty fit, but don’t really like or do much endurance related stuff. I enjoy sprints, especially on the grass at a park nearby, but mostly do martial arts twice a week, and hit the gym twice a week for a barbell routine. Lately I’ve been flirting with the idea of doing Crossfit, but it seems like overtraining to me…

Hey paucitypersonality - if you’re trying to get lean have you looked into Paleo/ Evolutionary Fitness? Also, I bet two weekly sessions of six-eight 50/100 yd sprints will get you shredded. I can relate to the city thing - just got back from Northern California, and I am definitely envious of their amazing weather/ outdoors! Houston is muggy as hell all year long, and summers are brutal to go outdoors…


Martial arts, that’s pretty freaking legitimate. I took a few months of TKD. I’ve been accused of doing Crossfit at work; someone’s playing telephone. But I’ve been thinking about doing that.

The Paleo diet? I think I follow it already. My diet is very basic and untampered by man; organic. The amount of consumption is measured according to what I feel I need instead of what is recommended. And that looks like a nice club!!! There isn’t a location in San Diego!!!

You do work out of Cali? And agreed, it is nice but San Diego weather is even better with the steady temps year round; great for the triathlon club we have. I’ve been so sluggish to move into it. I’ll be going out of my physical fitness norm through the club, eventually. My fast-twitch muscle groups are weak; it is SO HARD to do sprints more than once a week. I just need to push myself a bit more!


So I didn’t mean a gym called Evolutionary Fitness (lol) but the idea itself - diet/ exercise based on evolutionary principles. Check out Robb Wolf’s website ( to see what I mean. Basically, I cut sugar and starches out of my food completely, and eliminated ‘agricultural’ (i.e. chronic) exercise - i.e. lots of reps at low weights, marathons, biking long rides, triathlons etc. Instead, moving heavy weights around, sprints, martial arts, heavy barbell routines (i.e. squats/ dead lifts/ presses) etc. Definitely working more fast twitch than slow/ medium twitch. I’ve never had so much fun with exercise before or been in better shape, I really enjoy using my body and strongly recommend it to anyone as an amazing and sustainable way to get into the shape you were always meant to be in.

I actually travel to Southern California (Orange County mostly) pretty often for work and family reasons, but haven’t really worked out over there yet. Probably will next time - its just so nice there. San Diego is awesome, but I usually don’t make it down there, end up Irvine/ Newport/ Huntington Beach. I hear you on how hard it is to do sprints - easier with company I think, and I was suggesting doing sprints to the EXCLUSION of everything else. But sprints definitely do work like magic! You look pretty fit in your photos, nice.


Ah, I’m definitely implementing the paleo solution into my fitness philosophy…
Thank you
And thank you for the photo compliments haha.

Coronado Beach, you gotta run it. Or Cowells Mt. if you ever do make your way down; it’s the highest point in SD

Anyone who is up for it should sign up for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Vegas!! Dec 4th for details and registration


Well… lets not get too carried away. You might just be good with Photoshop. Or a midget. There’s only so much a photo can tell