Generals who are possibly ENTJs? (WWII, etc.)


George Marshal is listed on wiki as a possible ENTJ.

Any other possibilities of generals in history who might be considered ENTJ? How about a contemporary of Marshall such as Von Rundstedt or perhaps Yamamoto. Just curious - as in many cases, their careers are often well documented and there is a fair percentage of ESTJs the percent if ESTJs in this field is believed to be higher than the average population.



David Keirsey's personalityzone identifies Marshall and Napoleon as ENTJs: ... eldmarshal

I think I also remember MacArthur being mentioned elsewhere as ENTJ. Please Understand Me II has a chapter on leadership, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of Rational, Idealist, Guardian, and Artisan leaders. It includes an analysis of tactical (SP-artisan) military leaders making strategic (NT) blunders.

Not mentioned in any of the blunders is Patton, who according to Keirsey was ESTP: ... c=promoter


One of my favorite ENTJ generals although not in the Napoleon or Pearl Harbor era but more of during the Gulf War was General Norman Schwarzkopf who was the Commander of the Coalition Forces during the 1991 Gulf War. His autobiography " It Doesn't Take A Hero " was quite a good read. The most popular guy in the United States after the Gulf War could have made US politics more interesting but decided not to. :slight_smile:


Erwin Rommel was probably an ENTJ. A bunch of other Nazi generals were ENTJs too. I even believe Hitler himself was an ENTJ.