getting rage


Are you guys ( more than many other types, except STJs) easy to get rage at someone/something? what do you do when you are in such a situation?


By nature we have high standards, are impatient, direct, and driven toward overwork which can lead to self-neglect. It’s a perfect recipe for a short fuse, if we’re not careful.

Do you know what’s triggering your anger lamer? Is it just general irritability or limited to a particular situation?

We have two people on our team who can easily take on too much work, a conscientious ISFJ who has trouble saying no, and a heroic ISTJ who is tough but still manages to get swamped when he’s caught off guard with crisis created by slackers. I’m perpetually on guard and irritated at the slightest hint that these people are being taken for granted. I get absolutely irate when it happens. I could just tell myself that they are adults and let them handle their own problems and I do to a point. But I’m ready at all times to rail against injustice when things get out of hand. :smiley:

I read somewhere that true anger only lasts for about 18 mins. When we feel threatened, our palms sweat, face flushes, heart rate increases, etc. When the adrenaline rush is over, if we still still feel angry it’s because we are fueling the anger with resentful thoughts. I’ve also heard it said that chronic anger can be related to thinking of ourselves in terms of weakness, perhaps taking a victim stance. I find anger paralyzes my problem solving abilities and creativity, which gives others significant advantage over me.

When I find myself suffering from ongoing dark moods, or feeling bad physically, it can be a helpful signal. I take stock of whatever unmet needs I have. Something like this. At times I need a to take a break from a pressing situation to focus on something else while I recharge. Maintaining a balance of self nurturing habits, and being able to self-soothe are key to regulating my emotions but it can be sooo easy to get off track. Recently I’ve been researching the topic of meditation to add to my repertoire of coping skills.


I used to get in rage very quickly. I’m still doing it.

But lately I just realize that rage feeds itself. So I rather just focus on my own business and forget about anything else. It’s the only justification for the existence at the end of the day.

Rage accomplishes nothing. It just wastes energy and time if improperly directed.


Rage is an action emotion. You have to do something about it. You can either let it all out then or immediately drop what you are doing and sublimate it. You can’t NOT do anything about it, you’ll just internalize it and explode later. Hell, chances are you exploded into a rage because you didn’t release it earlier when it was minor. So, if something or someone pisses you off let them know immediately “What you are doing is making me angry”. Vocalize it rather than internalizing it and letting it blow up later.


People who have anger management issues and get into rages FRIGHTEN ME. I’m horrified by their lack of self-control and to me they are like animals that you can’t reason with. I get irritable and cross but almost never in a rage.