Good day


Hello, my name is Michael, in English, I came to this forum after I searched about my personality type. I got both ESTJ and ENTJ (the first test from CelebrityTypes said I’m ESTJ, on yes and no questions, while humanmetrics and the second test from CelebrityTypes said I’m ENTJ on questions with complex answers), so I’m unsure what to think of it.

I hope there are nice people with a lot of knowledge on the subject that can help me out figure out what I am, when it comes to the type, and how I can improve myself, or at least have pleasant conversations with about other subjects that they find interesting.

Have a good one. :slight_smile:


This might be able to help: … intuitive/

Another question to ask yourself is are you more focused on the things right in front of you, or are you usually lost in abstract thought, and after your wave of thinking, you notice the stuff right in front of you.


Balanced, 52% S and 48% N on that 10 questions test, so I’m probably like some ESTJ that keeps the end goals in mind as well.