Green Tea ?


I think its good. But be careful not to drink too much at first because it can upset the system. If you’re serious about weight loss I reckon you’re on the right track though.


It also fights off dementia, lowers cholesterol, and fights off depression (so is that psychosomatic, or the antioxidants talking?).

Green tea benefits are awesome.


I love green tea as the best Green drink rather than black tea. It is goo not only for health, but also effective in controlling cholesterol level and weight loss.


But some types of cholesterol are good for you and sometimes when someone is depressed they did wrong and should feel bad about it. Dementia is a very complex process, it makes me forget just thinking about it.

I personally don’t need a half starved PMSing over caffeinated she-witch attacking me. These incidents are growing in number and prove to be more wide spread than the cannibalism bath salts problem. Therefor I have looked into green tea antagonists to counter its effects. So far trials prove difficult in finding a non lethal solution. Cilantro perhaps is one solution, but no idea yet how to utilize it. But I have figured out how to cook a really nice chicken curry.


I once dumped like 3 table spoons of green tea powder into a plain glass of water than drank it. Within less than an hour I threw up everything XD omg i didn’t know it was that extreme though. I thought it was like coffee. btw the actual serving is like 1 teaspoon LOL. (there are 3 tsp in 1 Tbls)