Greetings from High School


Hello fellow ENTJs. It may seem strange that I am a High School Student (tenth grade, specifically), but generally, I have been depraived of much real conversation at my school. The people around me generally seem dumb and unenlightened, and even those who do seem remotely intelligent prefer to keep their distance from the people around them. I have just come to this website to learn from the more educated people of the world, in hopes of escaping the intellectual stagnation of High School life.


Hello! I’m also in high school, also a sophomore. But I’m an xNTJ.

Why do you think some people discover MBTI tests much later in their lives than others? We as analysts tend to think about these things often, so why do some people learn MBTI in their 40s, and others in their teens like us? I wonder what that says about personalities. Or maybe it’s just the advent of technology that makes information more accessible for our generation.

^ Sorry, that may have been INTJ-orientated thinking. I wouldn’t know, because I haven’t yet precisely worked out the differences between an ENTJ and an INTJ. Extroversion and introversion aside. After all, the E/I thing affects the other 3 in different ways. Not sure how those play out just yet.


If you are smart, you will be enlightened post 30. In my experience, my peers tried to slow my advancement. Most were twice my age. I excelled but looking back, it was clumsy and not tactful. My approach has evolved and getting my desired outcome is achieved without the chaos.