Growing ENTJ/INTJ/ENFJ Populations


ENTJ’s would be in trouble if most/all of the other types disappeared, for a number of reasons. Off the top of my head, two come to mind.

  1. Um…we need feeling somewhere. The world would be pretty robotic, inhuman, insensitive, etc. if everyone were like us. (Lord knows I need some sensitivity to balance me out!)

  2. Who would the ENTJ’s dominate? :wink:


Balance out for what? There are no feelers left to demand any balance anyway. Therefore, its gone for good.

If others are gone, that means the goal of world domination is successfully accomplished.


But if the world is already dominated, ENTJ’s have nothing left to DO. No more goals to shoot for. We would be bored out of our minds.

And we need balance for ourselves. If you are so unbalanced that you don’t even recognize that, then you have a problem.


You arent going to take the world into your grave. It stays here. An ENTJ dominated world would mean much the same as it is now, but with no red tape and bureaucracy whatsoever. There are alot of things to shoot for. That is what domination is for. To provide the smooth working environment to chart the unknown possibilities of the existence.

I do not have any problem. My balancing out behavior is needed due to existence of other types. Without them, I’m perfectly good as I am now.


This is probing. All responses are being examined. Of course, this is my viewpoint, but to offend, take the failing point of view, is something I do… Is this sick? Too often I change or win perspectives and then quickly concede explain. If this person really believes, openly, that in itself is not ENTJ.
As I say often, actions create your reflection to others. This if, ENTJ, is using his intellect to get responses and is observing, most likely, giggling.