Have Bankers Overthrown the U.S, Government? (Yes)


Have Bankers Overthrown the U.S, Government? (Yes)

This time it is not the mobile shock troops of Nazi Panzer divisions storming into the countries of Easter Europe, it is a group of pin-striped international bankers operating out of a black glass building in Basel Switzerland.

And it is we Americans that are now under foreign control. The mere fact that you haven’t seen the blood-torn bodies does not mean the invasion was any less successful. The carefully crafted financial crisis was all that was needed

Bank Of International Settlements Offices:

Like a stealth computer virus covertly morphing into your hard drive, the enemy, aided by its divisions on Wall Street has taken control of our very financial lives without a single shot being fired.

Sounds conspiratorial doesn’t it?

But whether it is a conspiracy or not, is not the point – the details of the coup, it’s planning and execution, are spelled out in my book, Crisis by Design.

In an earlier post you learned that the International Bank of Settlements’ “Financial Stability Board” (FSB) was given power over the U.S. financial system when Barack Obama signed an agreement along with other members of the G-20, creating what they have called a Global Monetary Authority. Never mind that Congress is required to approve (or reject) such agreements, they aren’t even looking. The anti-virus software has been disabled by lobbyist with checkbooks – the ultimate power to persuade for many on the Hill.

The government is like a human body with no immune response, and the miraculous medicine to cure the disease – the Constitution – is a ghost of its former self. Lacking its defense by those very lawmakers who are sworn to uphold its tenants, the Constitution is alike on life support.

The President? A facilitator of the coup.

Congress? Addicted to debt like a junkie on Horse.

The American people? Mostly in the dark. Few know that the fiscal autonomy of this country has, to a large degree, been dished off to a handful of bankers in who fly into Basel, Switzerland every couple of months for board meetings behind very closed doors.

Few know that the agreement signed by the President on April 2, 2009, gives the FSB the obligation to dictate to member countries (of which we are one) “specification of the structure and functions of government”.

Go ahead, read it again.

Washington is oblivious to this situation. It is our job, our duty, our responsibility to wake them up and get them to act.

What you can DO:

In the U.S. a body like the FSB must be confirmed either by treaty or Congressional Executive Agreement. This treaty or Congressional Executive Agreement would serve as a vehicle to create a legislative oversight and enforcement body over the FSB.

1.) Write to your U.S. senators and congressperson.

2.) Refer to the communiqué from the Bank of International Settlements signed by president Obama in London on April 2, 2009.

3.) Demand that they classify that agreement as a “treaty” with a foreign power. (This would require 2/3rds vote majority to become the Rule of Law in the USA). Lacking that, it needs to be classified as a Congress Executive Agreement.

4.) Demand that Congress hold open, public hearings on the treaty / agreement for debate.

5.) If you are aware of this situation, take the time and responsibility to do so. If not my book, do your own research as to what has really happened and educate your dearest friends and family. You have everything to lose by remaining uneducated about this situation, and, thus, quiet about it. The international bankers are counting on that!

6.) Keep your powder dry.


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