Have you been breastfed?


As a child…have you been breastfed? Or you were given the formula?


formula? i dont get this? what does this relate to breastfed?


Formula=fake milk. Those women who cant breastfeed their babies, give them formula aka fake milk.


ah, this means other kinds of milk like cow’s milk?
hmmm, so what is the difference between a child that was fed by cow’s milk and one with breastmilk?


Hey this is my topic here. And only me are allowed to ask questions. So answer the question or get yourself a new topic.


you can climb to the some mountain or go to some cannibal in the jungle, be head there. lol


i still love to answer though, as your wish.
i was breasfed when i was a child. my sister was 1 year older than me, and i got all her milk from my mother, hence became a much stronger/healthier than her. poor her! how about you? not by crazy formula ( i.e milk of a crazy cow?) :mrgreen: