Have you experienced moral regression?


Moral regression being that you’ve see it as inferior in past, present or future and, regardless, clearly identify it as inferior, less virtuous, more evil.

How does that happen to ENTJs. I’ve went through turbulence but still too young for anything decisive to happen yet.

For psychological understanding purposes


Something similar.
I had a notoriously strong sense of justice as a kid, which got me into a lot of trouble. But toying around with egolessness has made me realise that morality isn’t anything more than just another human faculty. More neurological baggage evolution has left us with. I want that to be wrong, but I haven’t been convinced otherwise.


Life is unfair.

We do not live in a perfect world. The system that we live under does not take care of everyone. And we are not yet ready to embrace the alternatives. Maybe never will.

So you have to adjust to it as well. Otherwise you cannot navigate through it. Dealing with things that are effective, but morally sometimes “questionable” is something that (in my opinion) ENTJ’s have to come to face quite alot. And again in my opinion, more often than any other group of people do. After all, we are the movers and shakers by nature. Therefore, whatever that “moves” and “shakes” is in our priority list.

When I was younger I was also thinking about justice and morality. Now I think in terms what gives what takes.