hello, anybody home?


Logs in.

looks around

crickets chirping

Oh, well.


Totally here and listening! Just discovered this forum and cannot be any more excited to read experiences that sound so similar to mine. . . .


Hey BeeFox! :greetings-waveyellow:

That was my initial reaction as well upon discovering this forum since I was looking forward to learning more about ENTJs,(I’m an NF) I think I know only one ENTJ IRL and he strikes me as a difficult person to decipher lol, but I see that there is very little forum activity :frowning:

I know a couple of INTJs and get along with them great so I’m curious if this would be the case with ENTJs as well. (the one ENTJ I’ve mentioned strikes me as very intuitive and he’s fairly easy to talk to, the main difference I’ve noticed is that he’s more concise and to the point from the INTJs I know, however because of circumstances I can’t talk to him that often)

What about you BeeFox?
Do you know other ENTJ beside yourself IRL?