Hey everyone! I'm an INTJ/ENTJ mutant.


Or rather, to be exact, MBTI tests keep telling me I’m an ENTJ but I’m in denial. I don’t believe I’m as comfortable in the limelight as most ENTJs seem to be. I also prefer to stay out of attention unless I’m absolutely sure I know what I’m talking about. In that case, I’d like to have the attention of all interested people in the room.

I don’t want to waste my breath explaining something to someone who doesn’t care for what I have to say. In this case, manipulation steps in- I’ll try to pander to what they want to hear and give it. Best way to be generally liked. And yes, I care about being generally liked. Unless I feel very strongly about something. Then, I don’t give a beaver dam about what they think.

I found this forum because I’ve been prowling around intjforum.com for a bit and I decided to google and see if there was an entjforum. Lo and behold, there is.

So I’ve noticed the INTJ forum has a lot more visitors and users online. I don’t mean to say that as a criticism, I’m just stating facts for an observation I’m about to make (I’m guessing most of you are ENTJs, so I’m sure you won’t take offense). I’m thinking INTJs spend more introspective time, so that’s why there’s more of them online instead of out there, while ENTJs would rather do something that involves them being brazen and the center of attention, so they don’t spend as much time on forums? That’s my theory. Feel free to pick it apart and propose your own. NTs take criticism well as long as it’s logical, after all.

Hm. This is an introduction, and I haven’t made any basic introductions. Is anyone even interested in those things? I know personally, I don’t care so much about those stereotypical icebreaker questions as much as the inner workings of a person’s mind. On that note, I must say, icebreaker questions pander for non-analysts, I think. I mean, who cares if XYZ is in dance and orchestra? I want to know why XYZ was just complaining to someone that they have no friends, and why do they think that? What does XYZ think people seek from a friendship? Why does XYZ think they’re deficient in that? And most importantly: What is XYZ going to do to fix it? And no, I’m not going to tell XYZ that they have plenty of friends in that simpering voice. How’s that going to fix the problem at hand?

Needless to say, my friends say I’m cold.