Hi to the entjs


hey im an infp here just hoping to learn some things from the entjs.question 1) do you guys believe in consiousness over matter,like can your will and concentration affect external situations 2) are you guys spiritual?


Well, that depends. What you’re referencing is less archetypal and more personal. Some ENTJ’s believe specifically in mind over matter and some don’t. While I’m sure you already know, people are complex and varied, even people with similar personalities. ENTJ’s don’t interpret the world universally. I personally believe mind unwedded from matter is useless. A good blend of the two is to be desired. As to your second question, spirituality is, again, something personal and not something general. I am spiritual, if, rather ironically, only because spirituality makes the most sense to my Rational, logical mind. If you desire to set standards with ENTJ’s, I suggest you look for behaviorisms, such as ambition, intelligence, and charisma, rather than looking for beliefs, as beliefs are very nuanced and incredibly personal.


Every state of mind is a matter too. A consciousness could hypothetically have an effect on external situations. All depends on proper “configuration” of that state of mind that could produce a measurable effect. But how it could affect … and in what extent…that is totally a different topic. And I am almost sure nobody has an answer to that.

No I am not spiritual. I am trying to have as little beliefs that cannot be justified when necessary.

Do you? And why?