Hey guys

Had to move some off-topic stuff to the off-topic forum. Don’t worry, I’'m sure there are no surprises there. Also deleted comments that had been blanked out be the original author. Just keeping the forum usable!

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Thank you, for this forum.

Oh, btw are the view counts listed based on registered users? because it could simply be Google, Bing.


Lost tale prostrating yourself before any authority that will serve your cause?

He won’t jump through any hoops to answer such a baseless simpleton question, you minds well bugger off. I would suggest using the very search engines you just described to seek your answer.


That is an insghitful way of looking :laughing:

I figured google does not generate views upon my search.
I am not proud of this post :cry:
Hmmm, interesting. Would the ENTJ adress such a demand when the gains for his cause are trivial?