How do ENTJ's feel about art?


For me creating means living.
I was desgining clothes and painting ever since I can remember myself…
My inspiration is to have my own Brand and fashion house.
Also I listen to music almost all day long.
I was wondering if there were any artsy entj’s out there like me?
Art or aesthetics is something you care for in your life?


I’m more often than not a proponent of the fine arts. I think I draw the line at “arts and crafts” though. I’ll take a pass on the statuette of the crying eagle clutching an American flag. I also cringe when I see a Hobby Lobby. However, I’ve sketched in the past. It wasn’t professional quality by any means, but was an exploration of art.

I suppose my sense of creativity comes from remodeling my house, and the ideas that come with it.