How do you feel about an ENTJForum Meetup?


How do you feel about an ENTJForum Meetup?

  • Sounds like fun, I'm in!
  • Need more details before I can decide
  • No thank you, I like my anonymity
  • Nope - this is way too impractical
  • No, because (explanation to follow in a post below)


Ok, lets admit it - we think we're cooler and more amazing than anybody we meet. So why not meet each other?

Why do it
One of my colleagues (an ENTP), had an idea to have beers/ Sunday brunches with NTs we were friendly with, and it turns out that between us we knew 3 ENTJs (including myself), 2 INTPs and an ENTP (him). We've done it a few times now, and its been great! A lot of us run small businesses, so you'd think we talk about that, or 'typing', but actually its fun and casual, and more of an unpredictable roller-coaster. So I figure... why not expand this idea?

In general, ever since I discovered KTS/ MBTI, its been incredible to discover how well it explains much of the real world, and especially my interaction with non-NTs. Also, its been great to discover how much fun it is to hang out with other NTs, especially ENTJs.

I'd wager that the contributors to this forum are probably very interesting in real life - to me, and each other, and can't help thinking that there is a reservoir of potential that should be tapped somehow.

I know, of course, that we are dispersed all over the world, and also that many are jealous of their anonymity. But maybe some of you believe, as I do, that it would be a fun experiment to see what happens if some of us try to find a way to interact in person, sometime in 2010. Hence this poll.

I'm currently living in Houston, TX and would be interested in a meetup around here, but my work/life schedule is very flexible, and I frequently travel to the coasts visiting family and friends, so while I'd prefer Texas, I don't really have a problem with anywhere in the continental US (provided a decent number of people can show up!). And of course, we can try local meetups between ourselves.

Or maybe nobody agrees with me, and this idea dies a morbid, rapid death. Either way, lets find out!

PS: Obviously, I would suggest we feel free to bring anyone along, regardless of type. We're not KTS/MBTI Nazis.


Yes, of course 1 of the 'yes' votes is mine. Changing your vote is enabled, repeated voting (to influence vote count) is not.

If you vote yes, please consider proposing a location to the thread. Thanks!



I think it's a great idea. I live in California, about 2 hours from San Francisco (so I'm obviously proposing to meet there). I have a great INTJ friend that would probably be overwhelmed by too many ENTJs, but I bet he'd come along.


I'd certainly come if I wasn't in Bosnia. :mrgreen:


San Antonio, here. I'd be game, though my schedule has a tendency to take over my life (I work hospital hours).


I just left California a few days ago (now in Canada, Ontario).

I think the san fran and/or silicon valley would be a good place, I'll be back again in May.


Hmmmm... I MIGHT show up if there was an H-town meet up.


Ok - I have offline commitments from 2 INTPs (both on this forum) and an ENTP in Houston that will also show up, plus me and hopefully Travtex (if you're able to make it to Houston sometime) and possibly Liz1010?. So we're building a little momentum for a Houston/ Texas meetup.

I will be in Southern and Northern CA off and on over the next few months, glad to hear SurvivorSteph (+ offline INTJ friend) is up for attending, lets try and build that up for sometime in March, maybe?

PS: Travtex, I recently started reading 4 Hour Work Week. The title sounded gimmicky so I avoided it for the first couple years it was out - big mistake. Its helping me free up my schedule and make more time for fun stuff. Highly recommended.


March sounds good for a Nor Cal meetup. :slight_smile:


Might be interesting... Though my "problem" isn't really being able to think of ways to open more personal time. I work at a dramatically understaffed children's hospital and spending less time there would create more of an ethical conflict than it was worth, I think.


Well, I'm an INTJ but I don't care; I get along with ENTJ's. I'm in Vancouver.


Sounds like a cool idea. Only slight problem is, that I'm in Copenhagen, Denmark. But set a date, and I'll see what's possible. And should anybody come around Copenhagen (or be here already - I know of at least one other ENTJ here. Might even start a small local ENTJ chapter :slight_smile:, let me know.




Sounds great :dance: Im in OK


I think we should start with an online web meeting. Who has a webcam? (I do). Certainly this group needs more bonding and I am not sure of the focus you would like to take. I think there has been lots more activity. Can others suggest topics about some scenarios and then comments.


Awesome - slowly building some momentum for a TX area meetup. :character-beavisbutthead:

And this forum is providing excellent reasons to visit Vancouver and Copenhagen!

ENTJWoman: I honestly don't really like webcams, but enjoy meeting in person. Webcams seem too impersonal to me. Its probably just an individual preference, but thats how it is for me.


I'm down, but my schedule spreads me extremely thin. I have no business in Texas, but I frequent New York, New Jersey, and Colorado. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


I am game but I stay in Atlanta. I would definitely need a notice.


Warning: I make wierd first impressions.


Ok guys, after reading ssjuliana's thread ( now its really time to do this.

How about a Houston meetup next Thursday evening (March 25th) at 8 pm?

Possible venues:

  • Champps (Galleria/ Uptown)
  • Zake Lounge (Near Rice University)
  • Starbucks @ Westheimer and Post Oak Blvd
  • Empire Cafe (Montrose)

I'll be there, and will bring a couple folks with me (2 INTPs, one ENTP.. sorry, don't really know any ENTJs locally - which is why we should do this!). Hopefully ssjuliana can make it too, as well as anyone else!

Might private message a couple Houston posters that voiced interest earlier. Any suggestions/ comments welcome. This should be interesting!


Sounds good... I'm in Vancouver, Canada. Anyone? Might be in San Fran in Aug.