How do you feel about an ENTJForum Meetup?


Hey guys,

So we finally had our first meetup - it was in Houston, and ssjuliana, Liz1010 (+ her friend), Nick, TX-Owl and I showed up. Even though Liz and her friend had to leave fairly early, it was great to meet everyone, and hanging out later with ssjuliana, Nick and TX-Owl was a lot of fun. It was funny to see how many little (and big) things we had in common as ENTJs and NTs in general.

Look forward to doing it again - I know very few ENTJs in Houston, and am always up for hanging out.


I’m in Austin, so Houston is almost doable for me.

The various MBTI boards don’t really seem to talk to each other, but I think you could find other NTs, and other ENTJs on the various other MBTI forums that might be willing to come to a meet of NTs.

I’ve been to a couple of INTJ meets. Not bad.


I’m in but I’m in North Carolina. truth be told though i would rather meet in Cali or Texas as NC sucks real hard.


So how often are these meetings held? Although I’m in AR, I don’t mind traveling, I’d just like to know in advance. No one understands me here :unamused:

I’m good friends with an INTJ at my job, but she’s extremely introverted (as the rest of my office is)!


Guys, maybe we should plan a ‘grander’ meetup, especially if some folks are open to travel. What is a tentative weekend that works? I can try to get things organized on the ground, probably in Houston (because I know at least 5 people here that would definitely attend, with 3 more likelys).

September should be enough time to adjust schedules, I think - what do you guys think?


Im in school now and probably cant make it till i get a job. lol


Pigs may be flying if we all ever actually found the time. It would have to be somewhere in North America for me. I’m in Toronto atm


TWENTY ENTJs all alone together in a concentrated setting of one little room?

runs like holy hell

(At least get some INFPs for buffering purposes…one for every 2 ENTJs.) yikes xD


Hello. I’d like to point out (in case nobody hasn’t yet) that there are several organized meet-ups already. Please refer to

Anyway, I was an INTJ that evolved into ENTJ (by 1% E haha). Can anybody satisfy my curiosity as to how ENTJs socialize when there’s a lot of them? INTJs, in my experience, only socialize with 1 or few people at a time (and can’t sustain the contact for a long while).


I WANNA COME! I’m in San Diego :3