How do you self-identify politically?


How do you self-identify politically?

  • Democrat
  • Green
  • Libertarian
  • Republican
  • Not Political
  • Other


Checking to see if there is a trend within the ENTJ demographic.


I did the same thing on PersonalityCafe (more heavily trafficked, even for ENTJs alone) and found a strong trend toward libertarianism (except among Europeans of course).




I voted libertarian, but that's tentative. I expect that some of my political views will change with time, and there are some areas in which I remain largely undecided, pending further education.


Largely Libertarian, here. I hesitate to capitalize that... Think the Libertarian -party- lacks direction at times.



Big believer in the work of Emma Goldman she is a real inspiration in my life.


Anarchy interests me, though it tends to live over in abstract fun thought experiment land. If backed into a corner, I suppose the only problem(s) I would have with it are more or less logistical. How would one make it work (Even the language proves at first random pondering problematic... Anarchistic? Who's "making" what work?)

I'm currently libertarian with the mindset of the less government intervention the better. Obviously if one were to keep going with that thought, one would eventually end up at anarchy.

I can't seem to make it work in my head, though, and I am first and foremost a pragmatist. "Does it Work?" is my Supreme Question.

Given our current situation, I don't see any anarchistic society coming about anytime soon short of some pretty dramatic catastrophe. Even then, I'd think things would swiftly morph into anything from meritocracy to rule by post-apocalyptic cannibal biker gangs.


My stance on politics is this:

Above all, I am pragmatic. Freedom is important, but responsibility is more important. If men were angels, government wouldn't be necessary. Even rationals can do terrible things, so we must have limitations on our actions. The issue with government is in idealism; people push for what THEY WANT or what they think is RIGHT (a relative term), which is not always the best thing for everyone (including themselves). Government must come up with reasonable goals for humanity and achieve them.

Government must deal scientifically, i.e. use the scientific method without trying to skew the results in either direction. Learn from evolution; if it works, continue this way... if it fails, come up with an alternative to make it work. The time between "fail" and "alternative method" is too long right now. Irresponsibility and inefficiency are governments' main issues. (for the record I don't think socialism works, but that the best government (very generally speaking) is one in a continuum between capitalism and socialism leaning more towards socialism by a small bit).

The world must unite and end violence everywhere by peaceful means, period. I am appreciative of having a great country to call home and that allowed me to come to my conclusions, but I consider myself a citizen of the Universe. Your voice matters, what you do matters... your vote can be tampered with. The only political stance that really matters (pretty much at all) is what you are willing to do in the real world. So, like a very wise, very skinny man once said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" ...peacefully.

Yours Truly,






voted apolitical


politics is one of the most disgusting constructs that we as humans assign too much value. religion is pretty bad too.








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