How do you self-identify politically?


Thank you for your good intention. But i don’t think im not mature enough to know what i am doing and what is good for me! This is the first and only forum i have ever joined so far. I hardly come on social network : facebook or forum as i did think that i don’t need to pay so much time for it or disclose so much personal information to people i don’t know well, and even if i do know them well, there are always certain limit to keep something for my own. But that doesn’t mean i can disrespect people who do so, as that’s their life, their way of thinking. Not mine. They have right to do things and live their life the way they want. For this forum, i do know why i joined this, and what i should control myself. I don’t think you need to teach me what i should do. Whatever you think of me will not bother me. It’s your thought. I don’t find the need to take time to argue or debate with you anymore.
Could i ask you this:

  • Have you ever looked back and thought of your behaviour and words you used and treated people? What do they think of you? Normally, if there are 1-2 persons who say something t you about you, maybe it’s not correct. But if there are so many people say the same thing to you. I guess you should spend some time to listen, do some introspectation/ looking back of yourself and ask yourself why they say so to you. From that you can learn a little more- which i think is a very valuable lesson that you could get for free.
  • Have you ever thought that why even you have good intention but people still not respect or thank you for what you did? And they don’t even want to listen to you? – that’s what you should learn a little more. Judge yourself at least 2 times harder than judging anyone else. And learn to be concious of others’ feelings before judging them.
    You are at that age, i think you already got enough experience to learn from your past! The worst thing is when we stop learning and improve ourself. I hope this will not happen to you once you realise it! As i have been working very hard on this- learning from my mistake and improving myself. I hope you also can do that too.
    One more thing i’d love to tell you : your mind and others’ are totally different. And also, you don’t know people well to conclude about them. Then don’t assume what you think are always right. People are not insane to do things without their conciousness. They do know what they are doing! And basically, you don’t live their life. So you don’t need to take time to worry for them. And also, they don’t need you to do that! So why should you?
  • If you don’t want to talk to people, you can ignore all. As i have examined my words and my behaviour recently, i think i should adjust it somehow and consider using my words from now on.I think i am becoming macho/ more and more short tempered everytime i debate with you or reply to your posts, which is not normally me, the way to behave that i don’t want to have, or at least don’t ever want to behave with others. I think the more we talk to each other, the worse things become. I do think that we don’t find the good thing interacting with each other, so it’s better that we should not interact with each other anymore. Maybe that’s the best way as of now.



democratic socialist (small letters intentionally).


Independent Centrist, however I lean more towards the liberal spectrum. :violin:


I don’t like political extremes and I’m usually in the centre. The most important things in politics: freedom and democracy.


The ‘‘Stop Fucking around and get on with it!’’ Party.
’‘We are not a one issue party’'
They have everything I could of ever hoped for in mind ( actually no, such as kill some people)
Considering every aspect of reality for the bets possible outcome and nothing extremist, a centric balance where everyone benefits, even the rich.

Too bad… that we have 1 Excellent political party(this one), 1 Decent good, and one Very good.
All to have 30% of the idiots concentrate on THE SHIT PARTY (that barely got its fucking dictatural majority of candidates because the democratic system is retarded (there are better option who keep the existing good aspects).


Wow. I am surprised there is only one Republican vote. I am Republican and extremely active in politics. It was a Republican Leadership training program that Identified me as ENTJ as a matter of fact. I am NOT surprised at the high level of Libertarian votes though (I lean strongly Libertarian).


Identify with ideas developed by someone else?


I vote Republican, but am really a Libertarian and support smaller government;don’t want my vote to be wasted. I am patiently waiting for the Libertarians to grow more followers, but I might die before then.