How does ENTJ feel about ENTP?


So I’m an ENTP and I’m insanely attracted to this ENTJ I used to work with but I’m not sure what he thinks about me. I actually quit the job I worked with him at cause I had a boyfriend and I was just liking this guy more and more everyday I felt pretty guilty. It’s nice that he will just say what he wants no filter and he’s not intimidated by me like a lot of people but he’s sending mixed signals. He doesn’t say much when I talk to him he just replies like one sentence and it drives me crazy cause I want to hear more from him maybe he’s busy? Its so misleading cause we would hit it off everyday and now he like doesn’t answer my messages I feel like I said something wrong every time. He’s said things that make me think he likes me maybe?


Okay so I’m probably being paranoid cause we’ve been talking for like 11 days straight but he just seems more and more uninterested but I want him like a lot.