How has MBTI helped you, resuming in short words.


How would you describe MBTI and/or it’s use for you in short terms, such as:

‘’ The explanation of : I could be anything, just not all at once’’


omniscience interrupted, mortal limitations, down that road you dare not tread, the action of inaction, what is not because what is, what is because what is not, the social journal of people things, everybody is going to fucking die… >,>

When I feel a bit disturbed I like to think “What would INTP do?” and like that I am back on course with my A game!

You really got to read the works of Carl Jung to understand all the internal workings.


I think they are not worth the reading,in the sense that I have interests filling my time elseway. Since they may not even exist.


Well you shouldn’t start what you can’t conclude. Is it your interests that don’t exist or the works of Carl Jung because I have seen such literature with my own eyes.


I have read doubt about carl-jungs theory and have deemed it’s importance low enough not to do it, possibly ever but that is subject to change. And so Indeed I will never have found out whether or not it was right to do so.
There’s also a good chance I will read on it.