How independant are you?


I was browsing this website: … oject.html

I wonder how independant are you? Have you ever experienced anything like above? Does it frighten you? Or do you welcome it?

Do you think this way is better?


Independent to an extent which most people would find unhealthy.


I think you ask the wrong questions. I know of some people that have taught their children how to dumpster dive even though they live in a very nice home. It is called survival or self-reliance.
You never know when that type of information may come in very handy. We live in very unstable times.
Most major cities have only a 3 day supply of food. Then the riots break out.

The homeless on this blog were survivors/coyotes.

Watch the movie Red Dawn. Those that could not survive without their home, job and routine were basically enslaved by the enemy. The younger generatin that just walked away and that lived “off the grid” were the heros and the survivors.

The coyote is a survivor. He is found in greated numbers and covers more of the continent than he did when the white man first set foot on the shore. He learned how to adapte and survive. And many times lives right under our noses undetected.

Just like these homeless try to do.

I have no interest in adopting their life style, but I have ho problem learning about it. It might come in handy.



Independant to an extent? What extent? You live on the doorstep of your house? Neither inside or outside? With revolving door hitting your head? Explain “to an extent”.

People would find unhealthy? I’m sure living on the doorstep and getting constantly hit by the door on head may leave lasting effects on your brain structure. Trauma perhaps. That kind of unhealthy?

Sorry I’m lost.

Can you survive like a coyote? Adopting their life isn’t necessary. Being able is what counts.