How Not to Talk to an ENTJ


How should you not talk to an ENTJ?


do not tell us stuff we already know.


I hate it when people whine at me :unamused:


Don't try to make an ENTJ look stupid.
Don't try to confuse an ENTJ.
Don't lie.
Don't state the obvious.


Don't continue to hammer at a point I've already conceded.

Along the same lines, don't continue to "convince" me once I've agreed. (Gah, that pisses me off. If I've agreed, either a.) I agree, or b.) I don't care enough to argue. Either way, zip it.)


Don't pretend to know something you don't. It will end badly.


Dont patronize.
Don't talk about the weather.
Don't ask how I'm feeling.




Don't patronize me.
If I've told you I understand, don't keep explaining it.
If I don't know it, i'll ask you. No, really, I will.
If you ask me how I'm feeling, be prepared for an honest answer.


Haha reading through these is like listening to my own thoughts lol. It amazes me just how much other ENTJ's think/feel the same about things like this.


Sign me on for these.


Don't ever EVER tell an ENTJ that you know them better than they know themselves.

Example " no, I know what makes YOU happy ( @ an ENTJ)"
or " No, this is better for you, do it, cause I know what you like ( @ an ENTJ) "

You better run.Fast.


Don't expect us to care how you feel.
If we have given you advice and you haven't taken it, don't expect us to talk about it anymore.
Don't beat around the bush.
Don't try to act superior (or the hammer will be dropped on you).
Don't say things you don't plan on backing up.
Don't be vague and expect us not to ask for more details.
Don't bring up a topic, then not want to talk about it.
DON'T LIE!!! You will be found out eventually; we are relentless.
Don't stop arguing your point if you really believe it to be true (we will find the correct answer eventually).
Don't tell us we are unreasonable or closed-minded.
Don't be irrational.
Don't back down easily.
If you mention that you have a secret, don't expect us to not try to get it from you.
Don't try to manipulate us (once again, we will know it... and drop the hammer on you).
Don't let your feelings get hurt during our conversations.
Don't gossip with us unless it serves a purpose.
Don't be afraid to tell us anything (I literally have almost no sense of shame).


It's so scary how much this sounds like me. I guess this is what the forum is for! so great to be surrounded by like minded people! :laughing: :smiley:
ESPECIALLY the highlighted one. That pisses the hell out of me, when they constantly ask for advice about the same thing, I give it to them, and then they ignore it and ask again. :violin:

btw, am I the only one who holds a grudge against people who've wronged me purposely? I Don't forget it.


Absolutley! I feel mesmerized.. almost like a brain massage.. reading what you all are writing! Love it!

One major trigger point for me is:

Don't tell me to relax or calm down! I'm not excited.... you just are percieving me to be.. only because you're slow!


Also, don't ask for my opinion unless you want it! I won't sugar coat it for you. Take it for what it is. Sometimes I feel like.. you should be grateful that I took the time to actually listen to your whining and complaining. And, once I told you my opinon.. don't expect me to go over it step by step. Take notes! Ooohh... I'm sure I am not coming across as very nice here. However, I really am!! :slight_smile:




Oh man I love those attempts. I feel like a superman in those debates. I just ask questions and they try to explain things in the stupidest ways possible. I try not to laugh.


On man, I really need to emphasize the "don't tell us we're close minded" part. That remark drives me up the walls, especially when I have given more thought and research upon an idea than what that person can even comprehend.

Finally, don't make me repeat myself and don't nicpick on matters of no consequence.




Use rational and logical argumentation. If you cannot present a strong cognitive reason for the point you are arguing, you are setting yourself up to simultaneously lose the argument, and our respect.