How Not to Talk to an ENTJ


Excellent, excellent perceptions all around! I too endorse maybe 90% of them for me. Maybe #1 is not telling me how to manage myself - I’m the world’s foremost expert on me.


This is all so true. Especially, “Don’t stop arguing your point if you really believe it to be true.” I have a friend who is INTP and she will never have friendly debates with me. She backs out so easily and it bugs me to no end.



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I agree with all of you.

My 2 cents:

Do not try to tell me long stories and theories about a solution, because I know that in the end we will agree on my solution.

I really do not understand how people do not understand that what I am saying and what they are saying is seldom the same: the only difference is that they color things up and expand the conversation and waste time.


-Dont be hypocrite
-Dont gossip rubbish things
-Dont try to lie while all your body languages told us all


Well I think this has certainly helped me






Just because I’m short doesn’t mean I’m weak. I HATE doubts and unfair chances. I hate handicaps given to me along with given to my opponent. I like fair matches.

I also dislike impulsive men. “Women and children can be careless, but not men.” (Vito Corleone, Godfather…INTJ)

I also HATE ‘Maybes’ that mean ‘No’. The three words I understand clearly…YES, NO, ABSTAIN.

When I ask you a question, your first words better be yes, no, or abstain. after those words, you are allowed to give me your reasons and interpretations.

Also, if I issue an order, you better effn take it. I HATE morons who ask why prior or during the execution of the order. You dipshits…sometimes in the middle or at the end of an execution of a plan/task, you will learn why you’ve done it. But for the mean time, ALWAYS assume things with me are time sensitive.
Again, if I issue an order, you finish it asap and ask if that was fast enough and how can you go faster the next time. hahaha…

I DO NOT like to hold your emo hands while you cry on the job. FIRED! If your ass is crying, then let me know why and maybe I’ll see if I can help you. The boss serves his employees, but if your reason to cry is stupid, FIRED!!! If I give you 3 months to get over your problem and recompose your professionalism and you don’t take and honour my generosity, FIRED!!! I fired my finance guy because of this. God damn ENFJ Males. Too emo for me. and his problem was depression from his previous business. Yeah, get over it in 3months you moron! FIRED!

When dating, I cringe at any form of rejection. I get bad flashbacks. ENTJs are INTJs but with LARGE ASS EGOS. Our ego and pride is what gives us energy and power to be extroverted. We’re the extroverted-INTJs. We’re a bit more emotional than the INTJs. Yeah, I know it says we’re thinkers, but we’re humans. everyone thinks and feels. We’re just thinking dominant. Stupid psych teachers in college forgets to tell us that.

Make us feel safe. Ask us about our taboos. We’re more than happy to list them out for you. ENTJs come with instructions, you just have to ask for it.


Finally, somebody starts making some sense.


Makes me question my entj-ness. Im less emotional than intjs i’ve known.


OMG I love this place.


How not to:

Once, a acquaintance of me litterally said: “We* have decided that it’s better for you that xxx”: I went berserk. Don’t ever decide what’s better for me :imp:

On the other hand one of my friends which I’ve know for a very long time, in case of really bad knews because she has done something dumb/stupid/etc. starts with “Ok, so, please listen first don’t be mad”- then the story follows. Sounds like she’s a bit freaked out about my temper or angry reaction, because she’s definitly an S and decides on emotions. But it actually helps me to reconsider the situation first, count till ten, etc, before I start yelling, so that’s a good way. Especially mentioning that she had a reason to do xxx, because it makes me see some reason behind the decision/action.

*With we he meant himself and a friend of mine, whom I know would not dare or want to decide on whatever for me, so the ‘we’-part of the acquintance was just a cover up for ‘I have decided’, which didn’t improve the situation


This would be on my list of what not to say. People that think they know whats best for me are usually SFJ/STJ types arrrg… :imp:


ENTJ Weaknesses

+Their enthusiasm for verbal debates can make them appear argumentative
+Tendency to be challenging and confrontational
+Tend to get involved in “win-lose” conversations
+Tendency to have difficulty listening to others
+Tendency to be critical of opinions and attitudes which don’t match their own
+Extremely high standards and expectations (both a strength and a weakness)
+Not naturally in tune with people’s feelings and reactions
+May have difficulty expressing love and affection, sometimes seeming awkward or inappropriate
+Can be overpowering and intimidating to others
+Tendency to want to always be in charge, rather than sharing responsibilities
+Can be very harsh and intolerant about messiness or inefficiency
+Tendency to be controlling
+May be slow to give praise or to realize another’s need for praise
+If unhappy or underdeveloped, they may be very impersonal, dictatorial, or abrasive
+Tendency to make hasty decisions
+Make explode with terrible tempers when under extreme stress

I see weakness as errors that need to be improved on. I’m a firm believer on…
Kaizen (改善) is Japanese for continuous improvement. That philosophy also derives the idea of getting things right/correct from the beginning. I incorporate that into my everyday routine.

I feel like I’ve worked out a good portion of my errors and I’m looking forward to doing some more polishing and improvements.

I love debates. I dislike emo people who can’t handle it. But hey, majority of the world are panzies with money or something of use. I gotta go by their rules and get what I want.

Challenging and confrontational…uhh…how the buck are you going to improve if you don’t challenge yourself and confront your mistakes? Oh…I gotta sound/talk in an inspirational tone…Damn you pussies…can’t take constructive comments. =]

I’m not about win-lose situations. I strive to be the best and I never lose an argument. If I do know that I’m wrong, I admit it before argument/trial. It’s like settling before trial. Settle out of court. And Court/trial is a metaphor for argument. Socrates is wiser than everyone because he doesn’t pretend he knows what he doesn’t know.

I can listen to people. I listen to stupid people all the bucking time. I listen very well and apply what they say and then use that result to slap them across the face for wasting my time. I know it’s wrong, but I do it to have evidence and something to slap them with. =]

I can tell that a Feeler wrote most of this bullshit. I’m critical of opinions and attitutes which don’t match my own? Uh…I’m really good at detecting bullshit. Take Poker for an example. I can detect bullshit by either actuaries/statistics/prbabilities OR by…reading your face and how you talk. I know when you’re lying and when you’re saying stuff that isn’t true. I think everyone should read up on bartending and actually be trained as one and go to bars. more than 83% of the people who give talks and social lectures on alcohol and telling their friends what to get and what to mix…don’t really know the buck they’re talking about. People are posers and liars. Business marketing lives off of that and they know it.

What’s wrong with high standards and expectations? I hate lazy people and I hate lazy minions…GTFO!

I am an ascended ENTJ…I’ve learnt how to communicate with emotional people. However, mind you…it’s not my natural way of communicating. I ask how people feel primarily because I might oddly give a damn at that moment, or you’re the judge and I need to win my damn case. hahaha…it’s actually court room etiquette. and professionalism etiquette that I’ve picked up on. Classic example…My nuclear family are mostly I_F_s. My sister is probably ISFP or whatever the deuce. The thing is…she complains to the family therapist that I do not ask how she feels or how her day is. Uhhh…You and our parents all complain how I don’t have emotional intelligence. First off…you watch Dr Phil too much means you have too much free time. And people who have too much free time will pick shit on busy people like me. You deserve a cookie for having an awesome upgrade to your vocabulary. The term Emotional Intelligence is an 8 syllable term. WOW!!! HERE’s a COOKIE!!!How the buck can you arrogantly imply that you have more emotional intelligence than i do when my profile is ENTJ and I’m a skilled poker player and I’m the only person in the family that’s never been scammed? I have the cleanest record. Me asking you how your car is…here’s the logic…if your computer/car/daily appliances are functional…it means you’re not frustrated nor upset nor stressed. you’re free of negative emotions. therefore…happiness is the absence of negative emotions. My sister needs to get her bitchyhead out of her own ass and start thinking. I do not ask how you feel. That’s a bit too personal. I’ll ask how your day is and I’ll just read your face. Distance is key to a good relationship so appreciate that. Lawyered.

I am intuned, it’s just not a priority. It’s only a priority if you’re the judge or you’re an asset. Otherwise…objective objective objective!!! It’s not proper time and place to discuss feelings. Professionalism…GROW THE FUCK UP!

Intimidation are for people who have inferiority problems. It’s the cost of AWESOMENESS!!!

Tendency to be in charge? only if you suck. I’m never in charge in the presence of another ENTJ or INTJ. If you’re neither, I’ll most likely be in charge. Also, It has to be my forte. If I don’t know it, then I’ll be the student. Depends on the situation.

I praise when I can and most people say I over do it. =]

If I’m not happy, I tend to have the urge to shut down. I’m smarter than that so it hasn’t happened yet.

Hasty decisions…yeah…that’s why my goal is to be more INTJ.

Tempers? Never get angry. Never hate. It all affects your judgement. INTJ’s philosophy for sure.

I believe in adaptation. If I suck at something, I’ll upgrade myself to ascend to new plateaus. But the thing I hate most are inaccurate claims against me.

So outside the list…There are some girls who think by confronting me in public, my embarrassment feelings will be an advantage for them. WRONG!!!
My exgirlfriend knows for a fact that I get a high out of confrontations and arguments. I think at my best when my adrenaline is up. My IQ shoots up the roof when I’m excited. I’ll conjure up some nifty things to mindfuck your brains out.

Best way to fight with me is through rules and regulations. because that way…facts fight for themselves. Fighting dirty just gives me more materials to take you down on.

[size=200]‘Always follow rules. So if anyone decides to screw you over, you have something to fight with.’ (–Jaime Raba, Esq.)[/size]


Just because an F wrote it, it doens’t mean it’s bullshit. Plus, do you “know” an F wrote this? In my opinion, real nonsense is very rare, and mostly isn’t nonsense but just another point of view or another approach for defining an issue. Bullshit is generally found in people who try too fool themselves or others, but not in what they’re saying (unless in discussion).

I know this is in the list, so not one of your ideas. But I simply can’t see it as wrong. If I appear argumentative, maybe “they” should look better. Plus, a reaction I often get when I’m trying to make a point is: “Don’t try to talk yourself out of this”, which is not what I’m doing. I’m telling you why I did it so you understand, and can come up with a counter-argument. But that’s not how people see it most of the time.

That’s a nice example of what one might call bullshit, but probably isn’t. To me, it sounds very dumb. I don’t play by someone else’s rules, unless I decide to. I don’t “have to” do anything. Rules are to be bend and broken, and in my case, I create my own and find people who’ll play by my rules. Not always an option, but that’s generally how I do it. And once you start bending “their” rules, don’t they become “your” rules?

I don’t know the reason why *this wouldn’t be bullshit, but like I said, it’s probably more because I don’t understand because you didn’t explain, or because we have a different opinion about it.

What? You’re Super-ENTJ or something? I know we may appear to be arrogant - to be arrogant is something completely different…

I know I have a very high self-esteem because I worked for it and know how to value and appreciate it. I’ve decided that I prefer to overestimate myself instead of underestimate myself, to overvalue myself instead of undervalue myself, etc. But that’s a choice applied to an this-or-that-situation. It’s remarkable how many people, especially among (younger) women, don’t believe in themselves. I don’t want to be one of them, and I choose not to be. I have a pretty big ego, I like myself, etc., but I know there are people who are better at ‘stuff’ then I am, whom I can learn something of, and that, even if I can do a lot, I can’t to everything. Having self-esteem is not about knowing how “good” you are, it’s knowing that you have the ability to be able to deal with your insecurties and the stuff your not good at + selfrespect.


I’m too lazy to rebuttal. Can you rebuttal one or two things at a time. It’s less exhausting. I mean for me to rebuttal all that, I require to be paid at least 300$/hr. =] Sorry, it’s a matter of…“Is the juice worth the squeeze?”

Anyways…I have more petpeeves to list today!

I just fired the fucking shit out of my personal assistants today. =] Why? I hate compulsive liars and I trapped and baited their asses. Caught them lying about themselves. So I ruled them as unreliable. Fired!
I just hired another Personal assistant immediately today. I was in search of a new PA while I was firing the two guys. Yeah, insecure men are useless. ENFJ(I doubt he’s one because he’s a total emofuck and I think ENFJs are smarter than that.) males…ugh.

Anyways, the new PA is a ENTJ fem. Within the hour of work, she’s defected a month’s worth of errors. This is why I work with females. I have two businesses. In this same business, my COO is INTJ.

My second business, the COO and Deputy director are ISTJ and ESTJ respectively. They’re all about being by the textbook rules and will not spare you a god damn penny. my COO will hunt your ass down if a penny is out of place. I like that. I like my executives to be textbook because they’re predictable and that makes my ENTJ ass feel safe and at ease.

My previous PA and executives on my first business…were emo dicks. I’m never working with males again. I like working with females because they’ll do things for me because…let’s face it…I’m cute. =]


You know, in some other thread you told me that I’m an ENTJ and should make “us ENTJ’s” look good. Someone is not just an ENTJ but a person too, and you’re the person ruining it for the rest of the ENTJ’s. I’m sure as hell I’m not going to waste my time anymore replying on your pathic, cuss-filled, dumb and rude posts. You’re not an “ascended ENTJ”; your one fucked up person.


HAHA! So true!