How Not to Talk to an ENTJ



I bet you have no friends. Or you fell of the Moon 5 minutes ago and clueless even about where you are right now.


This is great!

  1. If I think you are stupid, incompetent and gossipy - you will have received a cold vibe and a look of non-expression form me!

  2. With reference to point 1) above - DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO IN YOUR WAY! It is futile and I will go ahead with my way anyway and this behaviour of yours leads to another look of non-expression this time with my eyebrows raised and I will say “Right!” and walk off.

  3. If I think you are worthy intellectually of my involvement, then I will ask you for your advice and consider your proposals - perhaps merge them with my mothods if it is worth it.

I my come across arrogant, but there are too many people like this in the world! :snooty:


Don’t tell me something interesting and not explain it and then get defensive when I start asking alot of questions!


Do not whine, do not lie and do not talk down to me. Those three things will cause problems.


If you have wronged me purposely I will never forget it and everytime that I see you I will remember it all over again. Not a good look because thenI won’t back down :smiling_imp: . Yes, it is good to be in a forum reading things from like minded people!


Holding grudges is inefficient. It means unfinished business. If you dont consider it finished, then you are focusing on wrong things. I usually dont care what I say and said what to me. If it has nothing to do with thing at hand, then you are ignored.

Yes I’m a tool. Gotta listen to perceptive INFPs from time to time.


Do NOT lie, we know!


Well Said!


Extreme judgers (unrounded trait) are close minded.
If you hold only 1 hypothesis and give exclusive priority to it around the start, close minded definition.
What I mean by exclusive priority is having bias and not giving a fair chance to other hypothesis.
quote from Theist arguing with open minded theist (was lisening:P) from the same religion. Works also for any other stance on the topic, such as closed atheism.
They where both judgers.

Close minded says: '‘It’s true because it cannot be dis proven’'
Open minded Judger says an exemple on how that logic is fundamentally biased.
Close minded says: ‘’ but In this case it’s different ‘’ fundaments of logic bend towards the bias of your own hypothesis with no justification.
Open minded leaves conversation 10/10

On a side note: The use of good Judging is taking the most probable hypothesis within efficient time.
The use of Prospecting is outlining the spectrum of possibilities ( you can judge from that afterwards)

I am very good at both, I am now still working on a more dynamic and efficient use and also using a balanced combination of both at the same time when it makes sense. It’s awesome :dance:


How does one know all that you know exactly as you know it unless they are in fact you? So in a sense couldn’t your statement be simplified as “fuck everyone”?

I find that personally I dislike anyone whom talks about “knowing” because you are what you know and to not be that which you are is delusional or deceptive.

It is not I know how to do this, it is I am what I do and that’s how I know. So one can reliably say I have been there and done that. That verbally quantified empirical sense of self known, existentialism.

I think this problem comes from a deeper illiteracy with people not able to understand a third person perspective. Such was once commonly narrated in ancient story telling, but now its lacking in turn results in many projections of stereotypes and psychopathy while cut off from humanity’s shared collective of knowledge.


That’s it I’m going INTP forum meanwhile this one gets some answers!


I would try to make sure your facts are straight. Talking on an emotional tirade will only result in us thinking you are not credible.


Wow, please stop with your insecurities and misplaced grandism. The true ENTJ controls all variabilities, never excuses. Guessing imposter fake whatever.


Don’t talk about your feelings on anything. I tune out as soon as someone starts a phrase with “I feel…”


I like that!!!


Don’t pretend to understand
Don’t ignore us
Understand quickly-don’t make us REPEAT THE SAME THING MORE THAN ONCE
don’t interrupt us
don’t say stuff that is not supported by facts (unless it’s suppose to be fiction, imaginative)
don’t talk like your superior to us
don’t question our leadership
don’t beat around the bush; be straightforward
don’t zone out when we’re talking
don’t talk to us than think about what to say after;
that’s pretty much all I can think of :slight_smile:


You certainly are too demanding. If the above is the way for talking to you, you certainly won’t find people to talk to. The world is way too stupid for that to happen.

Why instead of telling people how to behave, you don’t MAKE THEM BEHAVE in a correct way?


Do not talk down to an ENTJ.

Do not be patronizing.

Remember they do have feelings they just do not show them often.

Do not try to outwit them or outsmart them. They can probably beat you hands down.

You cannot out strategize them…impossible!

Just be yourself, be honest and be loyal.

And give them lots of space and alone time…


Don’t state arguments without providing facts to back up your opinion.


Don’t make emotional-based arguments. I don’t care.