How similar are ENTJs and INTJs when it comes to dating?


I got in a relationship a several years ago with an INTJ. At first, I didn’t think the INTJ liked me at all and was irritated by my presence, and only realised this was not the case when she started kissing me at a house party.

I’m interested now in an ENTJ (not with the INTJ anymore). She seems to interact with me much like the above INTJ did… I can only describe it as that she doesn’t seem to overtly enjoy our conversations, and yet she seeks out contact with me. We are only acquaintances. She finds reasons to put herself in my space, and yet when in it she doesn’t seem like she likes me. So I get confused.
She is meant to be coming with me and my friends (who she hasn’t met yet) to an event. I’m surprised she agreed to come. I think her ACTIONS suggest interest, but no interest expressed at all via her words and the way she says them.

I’d love any insight?


This is a very late reply, but It could be used in future,
ENTJ’s are very dissimilar to INTJ’s in dating. If you could just ask the ENTJ she would tell the truth. INTJ tells it, when she wants to tell it. Odds are, she (entj) has already chalked out a future with you in it; regardless how trivial the relationship is. INTJ’s think long and hard.