HOW TO - have good posture (no, really)


This is a remarkable video of Esther Gokhale's talk at Google about posture:
The Gokhale Method

Its remarkable how evolutionary 'correct' posture changes the way you look and feel.

The nice thing about Esther is that she does a great job of explaining the 'why' of how to fix your posture. One of the most remarkable points she makes is comparing illustrations of the spine from a 1990 and a 1910 medical textbook, which allows you to see how rapidly posture has deteriorated in the last 100 years, to the point that doctors are promoting a harmful ideal (the 'S' shaped curve) in a reflection of society's deformed average. Her innovative system lets you fix your posture, and she shows how its not particularly difficult, and in everybody's reach.

(I have an opinion that medicine is so S and F influenced that it is largely screwed up, and likely to be radically reformed in the coming century. It is almost exclusively symptom based, which is a classic S approach, as opposed to treating causality. The posture debate is a classic example, others include nutrition, obesity and depression, which I will tackle in future posts.)


nice find.


I'm half-tempted to argue... (Out of sheer boredom at the moment, I'm also thinking there's a Key Point upon which we'd agree which would potentially render the entire debate pointless, hah.)

Not a doctor (Yet, anyway), but I do work in the medical field and have probably read as much as any given med student for "fun" due to my nature. Not throwing that information out in an Appeal to Authority sort of way so much as offering an 'Insider' voice.

Probably not the thread for the entire discussion, but I'll throw out a big one. I don't think the issue has anything to do with what 'medicine is' wrt focus so much as what many individual doctors tend to prescribe. (I work with probably a hundred plus of them. Without putting a great deal of thought into it, I could probably count those I agree with regularly on one hand.)


I have the worst posture :frowning: I hate it.. Been trying to fix it :\


This is great! Thanks for posting


Resourceful, :clap:


“explaining the ‘why’ of how…”, that’s some dubious circular logic if I ever saw some. When does part 2 come out, “the ‘who’ of what”?

You can prove posture has changed, but can you prove such a change is a “deterioration” and in what context would that be specific towards? Furthermore could this regression play a part in a greater role? One thing has to be considered here is that author deals in making do with unhealthy spines which is less than ideal, one would hope to not be in that situation at all.

Most of the spinal connections to the brain seem more difficult to read by traditional methods. There are roles of our environment that we still do not understand, in particular how a fetus would develop in space. One interesting factoid is that the immune system’s ability to fend off mold relies on gravity. I have read up on cases where the brain has been more deeply integrated into the spine and those affected by such are reported to never sleep. There are invertebrate creatures that have vastly different brain structures such as the octopus which is rather fascinating for it hardly has a brain at all yet is able to operate 8 limbs that change color and even walk on land. Then there are other bipedal creatures to consider with greater agility than our own.

Personally I think the more ergonomic S shape offers better leverage for lifting and protection against falling. However that may have been disproven by anthropology, but I can’t recall. I ponder if this spinal dissymmetry could be similar to how our nostril’s intake pressure differs so we have a sense of directional smell. Perhaps it provides better means of dispersing crucial hormones. The skeletal structure changes greatly upon growth perhaps one of these is a preceding stage if as you say it can change.


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